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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

More weaving on the Craftabelle Loom.

 Hello All, I hope this finds you doing well. Work has been steady as usual and some changes are being made and since I told my best friend first(you know who you are) ;) I can say now that I am running housekeeping at my place of employment. It's running smooth so far and I enjoy working with the crew I have there even though we are still shorthanded BUT this post isn't about my work It's about my WEAVING lol

Still working on the tension on the weft and come up with something that I feel is working for me at this time. I took a piece of thin flat dowel and cut 2 pieces and placed under the first warp thread and 1 on the other side and learning how to create "bubbles" or "hills" so that I get the proper tension, once that becomes second nature to me then I can probably remove the thin dowels and my tension will be right.

You can see the lighter   ^ pieces of wood aka dowel under the  ^1st and last warp threads, that's what I am using to get my tension right. So far so good

The yarn I am using is from Michaels. It's CraftSmart Value yarn in Reef or Dark Teal as some may see it
This is the finished piece
Looks much better and more of a square compared to the last ones I wove LOL

I also have a video over on Youtube where I am weaving this square, I am using my Galaxy Tab A and it's autofocus and seems to record up close I apologize for that. I am still learning the video part of the camera feature. 

Past weaving squares as listed in my last blog post

such a mess with this one. It's Bernat Mix Home in Coastal Cabin color different textured yarns which brings me to my next thing MORE YARN coming lol
I love the teal and burgundy mixed yarn at the bottom of this one and it's T-Shirt Yarn!
I found some on Etsy and it's sitting in the PO now ready to be picked up. Going to try it as well in a square. pretty blue to teal color is what the picture looked like. plus some other "flat yarn my best friend found for me on the Joann site- Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn

I'm not going to get too many projects going too soon as I want to work on this weaving and actually do a blanket out of these squares then it's back to my Swedish Weaving and try to get a couple of those done this year.....
Until Next Time....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles...xxxx


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  1. RebelRose: Your weaving is wonderful, the colors you chose are lovely together.
    I have always admired people who weave, it is truly a beautiful craft.
    Excellent that things are going good at work, nowadays it is hard to find good workers, people want to collect a pay check but not work for it.
    Have a lovely day.



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