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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Company Review - Goodnessfind - A+ in my opinion

                                                             August 18,2020

                   ***Update on diamond painting work in progress at the end of this review***

                             Hello All, I hope you are well and staying safe and cool.

 I don't exactly remember how I found out about this company but I found a diamond painting I really wanted to do. As you all know I absolutely love cardinals whether it be cross stitching or diamond painting.
       I can honestly recommend this company to anyone who would be interested in buying a diamond painting. They also have Paint By Number as well. I believe the diamond paintings are worth the price. I didn't see anything over $20 in that department.

      First after finding the company, I contacted them and ask where they ship from. They were upfront and honest about shipping from China at this time as their warehouse in the United States is closed and any delays there may be. Their usual shipping time is 7-20 days, but given all the craziness it does take a little longer. I found out they ship using China Post. When I found this out I wrote(emailed) them and told them about a problem I was having with China Post and another company that uses that shipper.
  They wrote me back and were willing to find an alternative and did find an alternative.. I was happy with that and the fact they were and are willing to work with people. All you have to do is ask.

 I had ordered the Diamond Painting on the 21st of July. They took the time to intercept the order from China Post and they actually put my order on an express route with another shipping company.  and it was shipped on Aug. 4,2020 and I received it Aug 15,2020.

The canvas arrived in good shape,Easy to see the symbols and the drills(beads)(I chose square instead of round with this one).
The drills(beads) are in individual recloseable baggies with labels which I really like instead of the way some are packaged. I prefer the recloseable.
I just placed a few drills and it is poured glue and super tacky. The standard tool kit was enclosed and I have to say the pink wax is tacky as well. Not like other pink waxes I've received in other diamond paintings. A 6 placer and silver tweezers were also in the tool kit.
 Link to this one : Bishop Bird Paint with Diamonds

 The only thing I can see that I prefer when shipping is maybe using a foam roll to wrap the canvas around to keep the creases or folds out of the canvas. You as I have heard should let the canvas relax a little and you can put it under heavy books or your mattress to help straighten it out. I usually
just let them sit for a few days under books. I start in the top left corner and work across sometimes I work down haven't really decided which way yet. The drills(beads) look to be in good shape as well, no concaved ones that I have found yet.


 I hope that this review gives you a good idea on the
company. I had a positive experience with them and hope that I can do furture collaborations with them.
                  WIP Bishop Bird progess so far...

this one is broke down in sections of 10x10 = 100 drills each. I've placed 2,340 drills of the 9,220

I am using the pink pen and pink wax that came with the diamond painting and even after placing 2,340 drills I have not had to fill the pen tip with wax , I am guessing because I have a light touch. It's going well and I am really lovin' the progress :)


                                            Until Next Time...

Happy Stitching, Happy Diamond Painting and may you have smokin'


  1. Nice post, we have Cardinals nesting in the pine trees outside our lot line in the pine trees on the golf course, it bothers me that they could be hit by a golf ball.
    I am looking forward to seeing this one finished.


  2. Thank you & Yes that would bother me as well. I am surrounded by woods on my 2 acres thankfully. I haven't seen any nests for the cardinals here but they do come around when I fill my feeder

  3. That is a pretty one! Glad you found a good company to deal with :)

    1. Thank you. I am too since I've had some problems with a couple of other companies. :)


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