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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Learning to Crochet- Yarn Haul

 Hello All, It's the ever MIA East Coast Stitcher back again. I am hoping that once I change jobs at the end of this month that I can get back to regular blogging... we shall see......

Anyhoo I have added a new to me craft to my ever changing craft addiction. I haven't been able to learn how to crochet even though my grandmother tried to teach me upteen years ago. I've been watching videos on the weaving and a couple of videos "as Suggestions" popped up on the side, so intrigued I was and I went to watch them and boy oh boy was I saying to myself " that looks simple" And Boom It was!

Not sure if I showed you my yarn stash on my weaving blog post but I'll dig some pictures up later on and show you the ever growing yarn stash 💕

I've been learning the Hairpin Lace Crochet and will be making a shawl. I found the pattern on Yarnspirations

I've done 2 of 5 but the first one is a different brand of Black yarn so may not use the strip on the shawl.

I am using Craftsmart Value yarn from Michaels worsted weight 4 and the Hairpin Lace loom by Susan Bates found on Etsy. Deb's Devine Designs

Next up is the Broomstick Lace and I am making a scarf. Many videos show you how to do this but I found this video and it's the most straight forward one I have seen. American Crochet Association

Since I just started out with both these, they are a work in progress and I chose what I deem the hardest type of yarn to start with that I found on clearance at Michaels which is the Loops and Thread Cozy Wool Super Bulky #6  in Grey Sky. I bought the last 5 skeins they had.

Using a 50/US 25.00MM knitting needle found at Michaels also and a 10.0MM crochet hook recommended on the band of Yarn. That's going pretty well so far the first picture is just 1 skein of yarn, It got me 14 rows of 25 stitches across and I'll be using 1 more skein and that should be just long enough. I don't know much crochet lingo so bear with me as I write about all this. I don't understand gauge or even know half the abbreviations so I have to look them up. 

Now I went from 1 super bulky to 1 that is a light #3 for another broomstick lace scarf with again yarn found on clearance from Hobby Lobby this time, so my small haul run me around $20 on clearance that regular price would have run me around $78 total

Again bought all they had left in the 2 colors. The bottom picture shows Premier Nordica in Heather Grey. I'm fine with that considering what I am making I know I should have enough. Love the clearance when they have enough in each color, I'm not one to pick up a single color unless I am using it in my weaving which I know 1 skein would get me 1 square of how and what I am making with them.

You may or may not have noticed a change in the header of my blog. I changed the name to Christie's Creations since I am doing way more than just cross stitch now which I seem to have put on the back burner for a while now and concentrating on making numerous swedish weave & crochet gifts.

That's all for now...

Until Next Time.....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles ...xxxx


  1. Oh my gosh< I love yarn and the feel of it.
    I do not know how to knit or crochet, maybe someday I will learn.
    Heather Gray yarn is such a pretty color.


    1. Thank you . I just recently learned how and enjoy it so far, I do make my stitches too tight though and have to learn tension

  2. Very pretty! I once asked my mom to teach me and she handed me something she had started and just told me to "pull it back a bit" and I would figure it out. I haven't haha.

  3. LOL My grandmother tried to teach me and I couldn't get the hang of it either. I however retain the knowledge of a chain stitch, that was it.


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