Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Still around :)

 Haven't been doing much lately , just work and home and crocheting in the evenings, Not going outside doing any work due to the heat. Plus this little boy has been keeping me busy lol into everything

                                            JINX has to get into everything including my yarn

So much of this post is going to be pictures of what I've been working on. many ongoing projects, I'm trying to work on afghans/blankets this year.

These are all current projects.......

Jacob's Ladder stitch - going to be a scarf

Next up is the Autumn Chevron afghan/blanket ongoing since March

Not sure what size this will be when complete as I still have a few more skeins to use. 

Few smaller projects as well when taking a break from the chevron afghan

                                                                   100% cotton yarn potholder

                                                        Also 100% cotton coasters 

That's all I have for now, I am hoping I can come back more often and show the progress of the Autumn Chevron afghan/blanket soon

As always, Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles.... xxx

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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Year of Blankets/Afghans 2023

 Hello All , long time between post as life has changed since the passing of my husband 9 months ago, I'm no longer having to run around here and there which is still odd to me but All I do now is work and home, trips to the Post Office and Grocery store here and there and a little retail therapy, yarn purchases for various projects I am working on which brings me to the reason for this blog today. I was lucky enough to get a Saturday off which helps me get a blog post done as I am really too tired  during work days to even do anything lol

This year instead of starting and finishing small projects I have decided once I cleaned up the craft room/office here I found that I have 12 blankets/afghans in various stages of progress hence the title

So I have decided to try and finish as many as I can, I don't have pictures of all of them so I'll be posting the pics of each as I work on them and the information as to where I found the pattern and such. There's various yarns and brands I am using , most are RedHeart, Premier Yarns, Mainstay ( WalMart brand), I love this Yarn ( Hobby Lobby brand) etc. Now for the picture show and a video will be posted to my youtube channel

East Coast Stitcher

                 Onto the picture show and info......

Granny Log Cabin Blanket/ Afghan - pattern found on Youtube from Fiber Spider - The Granny Log Cabin Blanket Crochet Tutorial

Yarns used in mine are Red Heart SuperSaver jumbo - White

                                      Premier Yarns Sweet Roll - Frosty Swirl

                                      Crafter's Secret( I dont think they stock this brand anymore) and I Love this                                              Yarn from Hobby Lobby - Light Taupe

                                      Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo - Mirage

                                      Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo - Macaw

I'm into the 2nd skeins of each color at this time, The blanket at last measurement is 5 feet square

This is my current project, I'm going to try and finish it before starting back on the rest for now

Rest are some pictures of the other ones. I'll probably make a blog post for each one as I work on them

That's all for now, Progress updates once a week given I have the time

Thank you so much for staying with me considering the lengthy time between post, Life gets in the way most times

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles.....xxx

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Crochet starts and finishes.

 Hello All, 

       I hope this finds you doing well and staying cool, The temps here have been up to the 90's with heat indexes of above 100, humidity is outrageous.

I'm working all I can and this is busy season , people are starting to travel more....

I'm doing my best to keep a normal routine going and I seem to be doing ok with it. I need normal under the circumstances. Normal keeps me grounded some what. 

I have a few starts and finishes in crochet and I actually pulled out a diamond painting which I haven't done in about a year, it was relaxing and time flew by....

I'm going to do my best to link where I found the patterns and/or stitches I've used in these some are youtube and some are blog post.

I believe most I have shown so I won't show those only the newest/recent ones I've done.

This is a super scarf using the block stitch that I recently learned to do.
Pattern - Super Scarf from Simply Collectable Crochet
Block Stitch - Block Stitch Tutorial

 I used a Fashion Bag 1lb.from Premier Yarns - Fashion Plus Bag

Next up I made my own Yarn Bobbins using dowel rods 3/8 inch
I had some yarns there were a tangled mess and decided to try and find a better way to manage them. I wound them on the hand made yarn bobbins using my old drill. crafty and frugal lol

Next is a few starts

This is going to be a Crochet Kerchief from The Crochet Crowd - Crochet Kerchief from The Crochet Crowd, I haven't learned the decrease yet but I'll be trying to finish this one soon. Most yarns I use I get on sale or on Clearance.

next photo is of 3 more starts....
This one will be a blanket/scarf possibly vest ^ on the left with the Caron O'Go yarn under it in Chocolate Ice- on clearance $3 at Michaels. The Middle blue/grey is a tweed type yarn Barcelona Big! from Loops & Threads(Michaels Brand) also on clearance in the colorway Mist. and Last one on the right is Mainstays Grey from Walmart 1lb it's going to be a Kimono Shawl from Fiber Spider over on Youtube - Kimono Shawl Tutorial

That's all I have for now to show, These 3 projects are probably going to be long term projects, little at a time, I'll do my best to show updates .....

Until Next Time.....
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles...xxxx

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I want to be as transparent as I can regarding being a affiliate. These small commissions that I will hopefully earn will help me buy yarn for crocheting,  cross stitch patterns and possibly diamond paintings which are my main 3 hobbies. I also do reviews on products be it a freebie or bought by me.

Stay Cool Stay Safe

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' Needles

I'll be back soon.... 

Monday, June 27, 2022

Lots of Changes Happening

 Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, it's been a while since I posted. I'm crocheting still but not as much as I am navigating a new way of life now.

I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my every day life and I tend to stay that way 


Most don't know that we lost my oldest brother to cancer on March 29th of this year and we all took it hard, just as we were navigating his death things took a turn with my husband....

I'm dealing with the loss of him on April 15th. Lot of health issues were going on with the main being diabetes, He lost his battle that Good Friday the 15th. 

I've been dealing with everything the best I know how. I'm not OK but I will be and you know IT'S OK to NOT BE OK. 

 Please hang in here with me as I navigate life in a different way now. I'll continue to do my crafts as much as I can and post when I am able to.

Bless All of Ya'll , Hug your loved ones every day and tell them you love them every day.....

Stay Cool , Stay Safe and Happy stitching and May you have smokin' needles and hooks

Saturday, March 12, 2022

NEW YARN from Premier Yarns

 Hello All, 

I hope everyone is doing well. Just popping on here to tell you some exciting news!!

Premier yarns has NEW yarns out and I have a referral code for you for 10% off. Just use this link and check them out and I hope you like what you find and buy from Premier Yarns.

10% OFF

I've liked them since I found them and have never had a problem with any of their yarns. I just bought 2 of their new yarns. Links below

Premier Sweet Roll Fruits lots of other colors I chose Blueberry

Premier Momenti I chose Rose Quartz

Please use my affiliate link as well as this helps me buy more yarn and do more reviews, the amount you pay will NOT change

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 

Premier Yarns

Projects coming soon with some of the yarns I am using from Premier......

Until Next time.....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles ...xxx

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

And here we go again with SPAM comments

 Once again I am finding SPAM comments on my blog post and ONCE AGAIN I have to moderate comments x sigh x it will never end!

Been a while since I've been able to make a post, Work has been busy and we are short staffed. I am hoping beyond hope that I can start making regular post again soon. 

I've been crocheting and working on  trying to do some reviews of yarn.

I recently purchased Premier Puzzle Yarn and really like how it worked up. I made a scarf and fingerless gloves. Premier Yarns is my go to for new yarns and the ones I really like working with, I'm currently trying to find a better storage system since my yarn stash is growing bit by bit.

yarn cozy for balls of yarn

Premier Puzzle Yarn in Cafe Au Latte

Fingerless gloves using Premier Yarns same as Scarf

That's all I have time for today, hopefully I can make another post soon....
Until Next Time....
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' Needles...xxx

Premier Yarns

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 Haven't been doing much lately , just work and home and crocheting in the evenings, Not going outside doing any work due to the heat. P...