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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cardinal Quilt Progress

Evening all. Work has picked back up and we are short handed so there's longer working hours and I am flat out exhausted most evenings when I get home, Thank you for staying with me and following me as I know my post are few and far between once again. I APPRECIATE ALL of you :)
 I am trying to do better but it seems every time I feel like I am getting ahead of things something happens to set me back, be it work or life in general. All is ok other than not having much time to post.

Now onto the Cardinal Quilt

I have actually finished 2 of the 12 birds now and have the 3rd one ready to stitch how ever I am using a large quilt frame  basically a oval hoop and I am not use to it quite yet and not wanting to cut the quilt squares until I have them all stitched I have excess fabric to manage so I stopped by my local Hobby Lobby and picked up a large bandana for .99  and some elastic and made myself a grim guard for it. It took me a bit to get the fit right but I managed.  Roses are my favorite flower, black is 1 of my favorite colors and I found a bandana that fits me perfect.
                                                         Cardinal #1
                                              Cardinal 2  sorry that his little head is cut off. I didn't realize until it was too late that I had not taken a pic before moving the quilt over. It's a little difficult to work with the hoop and fabric lol
                                           Large Bandana cut into 4 strips and sewn together
                                            I believe this is a 27" hoop , Grim guard around it to hold excess fabric on both side

I also started another embroidery Quilt that has a cat head and flowers on it by Fairway Needlearts

 Link - Fairway Needlearts
                                                    Kitted up
                                         Picture from website  of actual quilt finished


      My Progress, these are precut so I can use a 6" hoop with them and take them with me to work on if I am out and about. This one will take longer as I am not really out and about much due to work and running errands plus I want to do the Cardinals first. I am also using a combo of DMC #5 threads and 6 strand floss as some of the colors aren't in #5 that I have found. If I do find the #5 before starting the color I'll use it.

 Until next time....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


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