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Thursday, January 23, 2020

A finish and new start!

Hello Everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well :)

This evening I want to show you a finish that I had been working on since Jan. 2017! Yes 2017!

It was my intention to finish this in the year 2017 but Christmas  and birthday stitching I had started took longer than I anticipated among other things(life) that got in the way....

Anyway I had purchased the 12 Days of Christmas Banner from Michaela Learner on Etsy-

 Charts and Stuff

This is actually the post I had done on starting 12 Days of Christmas - 12 Days of Christmas

Lots of stitching back in 2017-2018 when I actually got the chance to post some things I was working on. My post have been few and far between and I am sorry about that. I had not had a lot of time to sit and post and I do APPRECIATE all of you who are following :)

Anyway back to 12 Days of Christmas. A few photos when I could remember to take them and the final finish.

Final photo that I could find is the finish. It's almost 3 yards long so it will fit across the top of my 2 windows that are side by side in my living room.

The new start is something different from Cross stitch. I do some embroidery but havn't in quite a while. My mom taught me some stitches and I have learned others on my own.

I found a CARDINAL quilt! Jack Dempsey Needle Arts - Jack Dempsey Needle Art link to website
you can find lots of things to order from the website. If I like how this one turns out, I may order another later on
I found it at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby , can't remember which one now lol

It calls for DMC threads and the instructions say use 3 strands. With this being a quilt I want it to stand out a bit more once it's done so I have chosen to use DMC perle cotton #5- Michaels carries a few of the #5 but I found most of them at 123Stitch and ordered those and got them last week. 123Stitch is my go to online stitching store if I can't find what I need at a bog box store, there's only 1 Needlework shop in my area but I don't visit it too often since it is sort of out my way on my way home from work.

This quilt has 3 basic stitches- The cross stitch, Stem Stitch and Satin stitch.

                                          Threads, pattern,binding & Backing Fabric( flannel)

                                                        NEW START 1-23-2020
I believe I will work on this exculsively until finished then go back to cross stitch as I have quite a few Cardinal patterns I want to do. I absolutely LOVE Cardinals ;) can you tell?

That's all for now..Until next time

                            Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


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