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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Cardinal Quilt Progress & Swedish Weaving

                                            Another post, to few & too far in between.
         I just realized that I have been blogging on and off here since May 27, 2015 so my 5 year                            "blogaversary" is coming up next month. Well if that isn't just the bees knees :D
                            Link to my FIRST Blog Post 1st Blog Post May 27,2015
I hope that this finds everyone doing as well as they can be during all this craziness in the world right now. I am doing ok, I'm taking each day and doing the best that I can.

Cardinal quilt progress has come to a halt for the time being as I have got into another hobby

I've actually completed 3 Cardinals and was working on the 4th one. I may go back to it next month but I am working on a special swedish weaving pattern that I would like to get done by the summer.

I however can't find a pic of Cardinal #3 but do have a picture of Cardinal 4 that I started.

I also started and finished Snowflake Express by Lizzie Kate during the time since my last post in Feb.
You can barely see the snowflakes at the bottom but I use DMC E5200 on those. I don't plan on doing the snowflakes at the top and have yet to add the hearts. i used a combination of 6 strand DMC and DMC #5(tent stitch)

I have wanted to learn weaving so started looking up youtube videos on how to get started and what type of "frame" I actually made my own for now and started some weaving.

I am using a weaving needle and pushing the strand down with it as I weave. It's actually quite enjoyable as I am only using the plain weave pattern since I just started learning.
I found Patricia Cantos on Youtube under the name WeavewithPat
Very simple and very straight forward on her tutorials. I really enjoyed them.

Now for Swedish weaving I am learning that as well and feel I have made pretty good progress but I can't remember where I found vidoes or blog post on learning it. I've been doing swedish weaving for a few months now but  stopped to do some cross stitch and just got back into it recently.
I've purchased some PDF books and a couple of patterns recently that I want to do as soon as I find actual Monk's Cloth which I have I just have to wait till payback to purchased it.

I think this will be my go to store for Monk's Cloth as I can't find it locally

This is one I am working on and hope to finish by summer
Mountain Pines from American School of Needlework - Learn to Make Monk's Cloth Afghans
These patterns are by Marilyn T. Magly

The other swedish weaving I am doing is on some knock-off Huck Toweling that I won't be buying from a particular Etsy store again. It's very crooked. I believe the manufacturer messed this cloth up but it was listed as MONKS CLOTH not HUCK toweling
HUCK TOWEL smaller and only 2 vertical threads, tighter weave
MONKS CLOTH- larger looser weave and 4 vertical threads
Can you see the difference?
I started a pattern on Huck towel material which is just going to be a partial pattern I am trying until I can get the actual monk's cloth I want.
This is Crystalline from

Purchased PDF  book from Annie's Catalog ^
                                              Yarnspirations CARON Cupcake in Nougat-
                                          I got this on clearance from Michaels Store
I think that is all until next time. Hopefully I can post again when I have finished this one and show more progress on the afghan- Mountain Pines.

Much Love and Hugs from me to you
Until next time....
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. I am very interested in your weaving! That looks so cool! Love your LizzieKate snowman! And that yarn is very pretty, it will make a gorgeous swedish weaving project :)

  2. Your Cardinal is pretty, I am looking forward to seeing the quilt finished.
    That little snowman is adorable.
    I would love to start weaving but have so many other things going i just cannot start another art.
    I am looking forward to seeing the weaving as you progress.
    I have used Monks cloth for many projects I love working with it.
    Stay healthy



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