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Thursday, August 12, 2021

A few crochet projects WIPs and Affiliate Link

 This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and buy from the linked websites, I will receive a small percentage of the value of your order. The amount you pay is not changed. Read more at the end of the post please. You DON'T have to but I would really  appreciate it if you would consider it. 

Hello All,

I hope this finds you doing well and staying safe and cool. Wildfires are continuing out west and as always my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected🙏🙏

Updates on a few of my crochet projects that I am working on....

Slowly trying out new yarns so that I can give honest reviews and hope it helps you with future purchases :)

This first project is using Lion Brand unbanded 1 lb. of yarn in possible #5 or maybe #6 weight yarn in Grey. I'm working on a Granny Triangle Wrap.

Next up is yarn from Mary Maxim - 1lb. Solids in the color Sky @ 1lb. Bag of Yarn - Solids on sale for $4.99(regular price $9.99) You CAN'T choose the color you want. 
I  have shopped @  Mary Maxim a couple of times and have never had a problem with ordering or shipping. I can honestly recommend them to you.
This project is affectionately called the Cat Stitch Scarf although I have deliberately  made the chain stitch, bottom stitch tighter than the Cat Stitch (aka Puff Stitch) to create a wrap around. I found the video where Crystal from Bag O' Day crochet gives you a tutorial on this @ Bag O' Day Crochet

Another 1lb. Bag of Yarn - Solids ordered a week later, surprise! lol Same color.
This yarn I am using to crochet a Coronation Scarf by The Secret Yarnery

Next up is another scarf project using  Red Heart Soft Essentials I found on clearance $3 at Michaels. Most of the skeins I have of just 1 color will mainly be used up on 1 project at a time. 

I've learned the V stitch with this one and it's going pretty smooth

This next one is using 1 skein I have of each color in White, Autumn Red and Guacamole
 White is Caron Simply Soft
Autumn Red is Caron Simply Soft
Guacamole is Red Heart Soft.
All 3 of these were on clearance as well at 2 of my local craft stores.  You may be able to find them online...
 This is Quilt Inspired crochet from The Unraveled Mitten. It is a wall hanging. I have more yarn for another one of these but in different colors. I'll take pictures of the yarn when I am ready to start another one.

                   I named this 1 East Coast Stitcher's perfectly Imperfect Wall Hanging  as you can see I was learning to use 2 colors without cutting and restarting. It was a challenge but I did manage by watching how to do a triangle granny square. 

I'm still working on solid color granny squares for a blanket of many colors. This is what I have so far each color is a 50g skein and I have 2 each. Mira Handcraft yarn on Amazon. 12 color pack.

I can get around 9 squares out of 2- 50 gram skeins, I think I'll call this 1 my mismatched granny square blanket 

1 more project which I am trying to use up what yarn I have before buying any. 

This one I may have shown before but wanted to show an update. Caron Skinny Cakes found on clearance. This will most likely be a granny square Vest. The color is Citron Fizz

My yarn budget is low so no more buying for a few months... Can't really Afford to buy anymore.... which is why I chose to be an affiliate for Premier Yarns & signed up on BuyMeACoffee. Anything I earn will go back into my yarn budget for yarn and  I may give away what I make and give anyone that helps me out a shout out here and will GIVE them a crocheted Project if they would like it. I am doing this because I want to and because I love making things for other people. I'll list what yarns and colors I purchased and let you choose the color or colors you like IF you would like me to send you a finished project. Email me @

So Would you consider buying me a coffee?

Everything I earn from these links will go for my yarn stash and you will get a shout out via my blog  when I do yarn haul/yarn projects  blog post at

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and buy from the linked websites, I will receive a small percentage of the value of your order. 

Also a little something for YOU  from  Me via  Love Crafts

I have ordered from LoveCrafts a few times as well and I haven't had a problem ordering or  with shipping from them. They are always prompt with shipping and I have received my orders fast.

That's all for now
Until Next Time....
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles...xxxx


  1. Your yarn choices and designs are wonderful.


    1. Thank you :) Slowly working down the wip pile before starting more but very very tempted to start another project lol


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