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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Update time! Plus another Yarn Haul.



Hello All, 

I hope this finds you doing well and staying cool. Lockdowns have eased up here in NC for a few months now and people are beginning to travel more. The new job is going well so far, still have to get a routine down but things are a lot less stressful, no drama, no pressure, no attitudes. The people I work with are really great as well. Now onto other things......

I've been able to work on more crochet. I am learning new stitches and have started several things but I am not going to overwhelm myself with a lot of projects at once. I am learning a couple new stitches at a time, working on them then laying them aside to work on older projects. I haven't picked up my broomstick lace scarf yet but plan to this week and try to get it done this month. Trying my best to limit myself to working on 1 project AND completing it before going to another. 

I ordered more Mira yarn from Amazon for a granny square blanket/throw. I've learned how to finally crochet granny squares and having lots of fun sitting listening/watching   videos while crocheting these. 

Mira Handcrafts Acrylic Yarn 12 pack

It's wonky lol but I am learning what I am doing wrong and fixing it. I've crocheted 6 green and now working on my 4th pink one with the yarns I have from Amazon. I don't have pics of those yet, this one pictured is what I started with. I also found 1 of my grandmother's crocheted afghans and have to repair it but hoping mine turns out similar to this. I am using solids colors, She mixed her colors.

Next thing is orders I have received so far from Premier Yarns, Mary Maxim and Yarnspirations websites. 

Premier Yarns I ordered twice because I was able to get discounts on the second order since I ordered some clearance yarn from them 1st.
 #1 Clearance yarn  is a bag of 5 Uptown Worsted Spirit Stripes #518 Interception. 
#2  Premier Coffee Shop 3 cakes for 4.99 each of Sumatra. 

Mary Maxim I ordered another 1lb yarn- Solids this time of unbanded yarn. It feels like #4 acrylic yarn and it's light blue, project started with this, I'll post about it later. 
And also ordered  3 small skeins of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Yarn in a Blue Jeans color. I'll make some type of scarf with this as well.

Yarnspirations I've ordered twice from them, second order is the 1st time I've been able to snag a Santa Sack from them. Description says 9 skeins of yarn worth $65, I snagged it at the price of $19.99. It's in transit at this time.
 The 1st order is sitting at the Post Office now waiting on me to pick it up. I ordered a Mystery Bag 1lb. of yarn. I don't know what type or color this will be since this is my first time snagging one of those mystery bags...

Next up is a few pics of the haul and some things I am learning how to crochet

Yarn from my last haul is being used  to crochet a infinity Granny Square Blanket/Throw. As of right now it is 29 inches by 29 inches square I have used 6 skeins of Yarn Bee Purely Fresh (Bulky #5) in Charcoal. I was lucky enough to snag 6 more skeins and 7 skeins of the same yarn but in a teal/blue color called Peacockle. I'm not sure when I'll be able to buy anymore at this time. I have to limit myself on  buying any more yarn and work with all that I have now...

Infinity Granny Square - Charcoal color

The Lion Brand  Cotton Blend on the left was on clearance and I am making a couple of crochet Hand towels with it. 

I'm going to continue with the 6 skeins of the Charcoal color then will use the blue and go as far as I can with it. 

I also picked up more of Lion Brand Wool-Ease #6 Super Bulky and  Loops & Threads Cozy Wool #6 Super Bulky like I used on the last broomstick Lace scarf I made but in different colorways this time. 
Lion Brand Wool-Ease 2 skeins of Dusk and Loops & Threads Cozy Wool 3 skeins in Granite. These also were on clearance.

I am also learning how to do Basic Bruges Lace from a youtube channel- Stitches n Scraps
Made a napkin ring using 100% cotton Thread

I am also learning how to do Queen Ann's Lace from another youtube channel- Fiber Spider

That's all for now... I hope that you have enjoyed the Holiday. Stay Safe, Stay Cool 

Until Next Time.....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin's needles...xxxx


  1. I love your grandmothers afghan. It brought back memories of the afghan my mother had made that I spent lots of time curled up with on the couch :)

    1. Thank you. It is well loved I use to wrap up in it all the time :)

  2. RebelRose: Wow that yarn haul looks wonderful, so many lovely colors, the afghan is beautiful.
    I love the Queen Ann lace look, I am looking forward to your progress.
    Whenever I go to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's I always and I mean always walk through the yarn section and touch some of the yarns, someday i will learn to crochet or knit.



    1. Thank you :) I have more coming in and just received my third to last order, got 2 more coming in then that's it until I use up what I have.


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