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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Broomstick Lace crochet scarf & Yarn Haul plus Yarn display

 Hello All,

I hope this finds ya'll doing well and staying cool, it's a humid 85 degrees here in NC, had a little bit of rain but it didn't knock the humidity down at all. Tried to "unplugged" most of the day and do some crocheting and have been working on a new broomstick lace scarf  after a little clean up and reorganizing & making room for 3 more yarn orders and 1 swedish weaving order.

I bargain shop and always look for clearance yarn and other items. These orders amounted to less than $20 each. 


#1  Mary Maxim order for the 1lb.Bag of Yarn- Solids (on sale this time for $4.99), hopefully I don't get the natural white again, the last batch of 1lb. yarn I decided to learn the moss stitch and making washcloths/dishcloths with it. Plus 3 skeins of Bernat Handicraft Cotton Yarn in a Blue Jean color. 

Mary Maxim Sale & Clearance

#2 Yarnspirations had a limited supply of Mystery Bags of 1 lb. yarn. I was lucky enough thru an email to snag one this time. Not sure what I will get in this one as it's my first time snagging 1. Still going on while supplies last 40% off so snagged it for $8.99

Yarnspirations Clearance

#3 Premier Yarns Premier Coffee- Sumatra 3 skeins/cakes. This is a new to me yarn that I found after watching some youtube videos. I also have Premier Nordica yarn I am currently working with( I didn't realize the name brand until I pulled it out for this blog lol) So I'm not sure how much I will like working with this yarn. I may try crocheting a small lap afghan with it. They also have a rewards program that I am going to look into and I have also signed up for their newletter & created an account with them. 

                                                        PHOTO FROM WEBSITE

                                                       Photo from website

Premier Yarns Clearance

Most if not all online yarn stores like these listed above do offer a percentage off your 1st time order and do send emails with sale items and sometimes promotion codes. Keep in mind I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, I just want to share my experiences with you about them.

Now onto finishes( yes finishes!)

1st up is the finished hairpin lace crochet shawl. I finished it this past week.

Little bit larger than I expected but all worked out good. Pattern is RED HEART WOMAN'S HAIRPIN LACE SHAWLCURRENT link to free pattern just click download pattern and it will open a PDF in your browser, then you can download it for later use.

Next time which will be after I finish another broomstick Lace scarf , I'll be doing a smaller shawl with light weight yarn which I'll show in my haul after a shopping trip Saturday evening with a good friend of mine, she does crafts as well and we get along great. 

Current project broomstick lace scarf using 😐 Premier Nordica Self Patterning Design in Harbor Grey
not sure how long I will make this one, just going along until I feel I want to stop with what seems like a good length, plus I am using stitch markers I got with a set of crochet hooks from Amazon. I'll show those as well in my next set of pics with a yarn haul.

I just decided to use the stitch markers because I kept having to recount my stitches and loops 😒😂

How on to the haul and organization to make room. 

Saturdays shopping Haul with my friend from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. ALL this was on clearance and I paid less than $20 for all of it. I do weaving also which is why I am stocking up for "Snow Days" " No Power Days" etc. I have a lot in mind for all this yarn and I will share with you when I figure out what I want to do next, my mind always changes lol


  1. Well done! The broomstick lace is so pretty!

    1. Thank you :) I hope to have that done by the end of July

  2. Oh my gosh that hairpin lace is a beautiful scarf.
    I love shopping for sales, I knit or crochet but love seeing what others are making.
    Nice haul from Michaels and hobby Lobby.


    1. Thank you! I plan on making another one in a different colorway


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