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Friday, July 30, 2021

Crochet Project- trying a new way to do a granny square! and a RANT!

 Hello All I hope this finds you doing well and staying cool. We've had some high temps with a real feel of above 100. My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone on the West Coast, they are dealing with devastating fires and higher temps.

I'm trying to learn to do a rectangle granny square scarf from a pattern on The Unraveled Mitten

It's a free pattern on her website Not Just for Granny Rectangle Crochet Scarf

I also applied to become an affiliate for Premier Yarns( fingers crossed). I've ordered from them several times and I have never had a problem with my orders reaching me in a timely manner. I'm also happy with the yarns that I have received from them. I have another order coming soon.

Now for a tad of irritating news. I ordered a mystery box from Lion Brand on the 16th. They state it usually takes 3-9 business days to receive your order. Here it is the 30th of July and still no package.

They stated it was on the way this week and that was yesterday thru email according to their FEDEX agent. I also spoke with a Fedex agent the day before I sent them an email. The FedEx site tracking hasn't updated since the 21st. When I called the agent told me it takes 14 days for USPS to get package which to me was FALSE. I have ordered from Lion Brand and received previous orders in 5 to 7 days with no issues. WHY this last one hasn't shown up is beyond me. I sent them an email back this afternoon after checking my PO and told them I would give it till Monday and if it didn't show up then I want a refund. You may not have a problem with the company which I don't really, I just don't like FedEx. I am to say the least not going to order from them again. I'll find Lion Brand yarns from other places from now on......

Anyway I know this is short but I am really tired from work and achy...

Until Next Time...

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles...xxxx

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing this one done, I like the color of yarn it is lovely.
    I have had problems with companies, they blame it on the delivery people, I am not sure that is true, I prefer the United States Postal Service myself, I have never had a problem ever with them or a delivery.
    I hope your package shows up.



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