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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Update on Goodnessfind Bishop Cardinal and Review on another company.

                    **********UPDATE on Bishop Bird aka Cardinal **********

                    ********** BISHOP BIRD FINISHED!**********

Getting there, hopefully some time this next week or next weekend I'll have it finished! It's coming along great, still very little trash drills and no popping drills.

Evening All,

       I hope this finds you doing well and staying safe and cool. The heat is in the 80's during the day here, Hasn't quite cooled down enough for me yet.
       I wanted to give an update on the Bishop Cardinal from Goodnessfind.
       I'm still working on it and so far there's been no popping drills and very little trash drills. I'm liking it a lot and I might find another diamond painting to do from them in the near future. I have several waiting in totes that I want to do first at this time.
         I also checked out another company on Etsy for DP accessories and well I'm not impressed with it. I bought 1 DP pen $8 and 2 DP waxes $5.50 each and a couple of cover minders $2.50 each. The cover minders are cute and the dp wax- It reminds me of the pink wax except these have fragrances. They both smell good but  they only last as long as the pink wax you get in the standard tool kit. The pen is well a cheap plastic and while it works good the feather is larger than the pen itself and rest on my hand which irritates the knuckle and I can't use it. It took a while to get here as well. I ordered the 2 coverminders and 1 wax on the 1st of August and the DP pen and other wax on the 5th. They both didn't ship until the 17th and both arrived at the same time on the 20th of August. (info on company will be given in an email if you are interested)

sorry the picture is a little blurry it's a diamond shape^ on the right and ^ little green starbucks mug on the left

                         Bishop(Cardinal) Bird Progress The DP pen is from Enabler's Outpost on Etsy. I've named it Iced Coffee because it's brown with a cream swirl thru it. that WAX -Rustic Forest is from
MetalheadsDP- that WAX

I really like the DP pens from Enabler's Outpost, they are really good quality pens and fair in price compared to others. And the wax called that WAX is really good, I've been using it exclusively with no problems and I actually placed 2,340 drills before having to refill my pen. Another company that I've bought from more than once.

Until Next Time...
Happy Diamond Painting, Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. Oh darn! The feather pen is so pretty but sorry it doesn't work well for you.

  2. I agree, the Dp pen is ok, I'll leave it in my pen cup as a decoration though. :)


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