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Friday, August 21, 2020

Company Review- Diamondxpres- Coffee Time

                                                 DiamondXpres- Coffee Time
Coffee Time
***Another update. The company has been in contact with me and have issued me a refund. They stated in an email that this has been an ongoing issue with black symbols on dark background and they are trying to work with their printer to get it changed. Until then I wouldn't recommend this DP from the company until they have hopefully resolved the issues. There are other very nice looking DP's on the site that you may want. :) 
***UPDATE- 8-21-2020- I received the replacement diamond painting and in all honesty it isn't any better, dealing with the same issues. I wouldn't recommend buying this particular DP from them in the size 25x25***
I wrote(emailed) the company again and explaining (suggesting) what would work for that canvas. Not sure what they will do at this time

Purchased on July 7th 2020
Shipped on July 14th 2020 from CHINA by YunExpress
Delivered on July 27th 2020
Total days - 20

I received this today and have to say I am extremely disappointed in the canvas. You can not read the symbols and everything looks blurry.
The border is the worse of the canvas, Dark colors with black symbols which you can't distinguish one from the other.

I have wrote(emailed) the company and I  am waiting for a response.....
So we shall see what happens IF and WHEN they respond....
Only time will tell.

***They have responded and are sending another one out to me as of July30th 2020***

I in good faith for  my friends and followers can NOT recommend getting this particular diamond painting from them in this size- Round 25cm x 25cm. I would get a larger size.

***August 11th 2020. Still waiting on the replacement canvas. I tried working on this with my light pad and had to use a magnifying glass just to see what the symbols were. I just can't work on the canvas and I am disappointed in that.
I am hoping the canvas they are sending is better than this one otherwise, I'll set it aside and try to find a better one elsewhere. I'll keep you updated....


  1. That is amazing that the printing is so bad, I would think that a comapny would check the printing to make sure it is usable.
    Keep us posted as to what happens.


    1. It shipped from China, so I am thinking it's the manufacturer but the company I agree should look into maybe getting another manufacturer if they are going to continue to sell this size canvas. Still waiting on the replacement


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