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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Diamond Painting Review for 3 sellers on Amazon

Hello all

I hope that you are doing well and staying safe and cool despite all the craziness in this world. I'm trying to post more in between work which is going good- new job, no drama, less stressful :) and home life.

                               This is a review of 3 different sellers on Amazon
     While I didn't and don't have any problems with them doesn't mean someone did in the past.

   While on Amazon when I am "shopping" I try to make sure it says Fulfilled by Amazon. I know it                          sounds crazy but you do get your products within days of ordering.
                                                  **** Links will be included***
These were ordered on July 19th and Arrived on July 26th(sunday) I picked up on Monday July 27th

#1 is a DP from lxmsja Direct- Daisy in Mason Jars   Haven't started this one. No rivers no bubbles. It's poured glue( usually has the clear cover like below)
#2 is also a larger DP of a smaller version I got that I am having problems with the drills(more on that in another post) these are round drills and working much better than the square on the other one.

                                       Again poured glue, no rivers, no bubbles
              #2 Diamond Painting Coffee         Coffee Love

#3 is a Diamond Painting accessory that I purchased , you roll it over the diamond painting to insure all the drills are set. 
This is from Senneny Online

this is minus the packing airbags is what I call them. I've used this and it works just as intended. Happy with it.

Until Next Time...
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'

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