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Monday, August 17, 2020

Diamond Painting & Reviews of Companies thus far

Hello all and thank you for being here and having patience with me during these trying times that we are in. I hope that everyone is healthy and

I've been in a slump lately and haven't been stitching much or even swedish weaving since my last post... So I decided to get a diamond painting back out that I bought on Amazon for $0.01 plus shipping.

It did come from China but the symbols were very clear and I received more than enough drills.
It is a round drill full coverage. I am concerned however about copyright issues  that I have read about recently in Youtube comments with some diamond painting shops that sell them so I may not buy from the particular person again.

I am going to research reputable companies and people from now on IF I decide to get into Diamond Painting on a regular basis. It is quite expensive and I don't want to get up a stash like my cross stitching , #1 not enough room in my craft room at the moment.

Anyhoo this is what I had bought back in Nov. 2019 from Amazon-  The reviews are not so good now  for the person selling items on Amazon so I won't link the shop here. I don't want my followers to have a bad experience....

The name of the Kit is Wolf and it features 4 wolf heads
 The containers  at the top are mine from my  cross stitching bead collection that I haven't yet filled up. The drills come in plastic bags attached to each other but no small baggies to store them in so they will stay in those for now. There is more than enough wax for the pen. I filled it 3 times total.

I just finished it tonight and did a modge podge seal on it. I'll need to find something better to seal them with in the future.

I have purchased 3 more and did receive one which I am going to show next and will link the company website. I'm impressed with this company because they put in the title shipped from the USA or US and it does ship from Nevada-if it doesn't say SHIP FROM THE US in the title then it ships from China(YT is the first letters of the tracking number which is YUNExpress , never heard of this shipping company so we shall see when the tool upgrade kit comes in- as of this evening it was processing, I ordered both on the 8th of this month and received the diamond kit on Saturday the 13th- 2 days before it was originally due to show up!!!

 ** June 21,2020 As I was typing this apparently the company was sending a reply to me on 1 I sent from the site thru email stating this:

Upon checking, your order is still in process.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be delivered.
Once the item ships and tracking number is available, we will send you an email.

****8-17-2020 This company kept giving me the run around about my order. 2 months in and no DP.                      Kept telling me at least 3 times it would be 3-4 weeks and then silence. 
                                        I am not happy about this
                ** July 27th 2020- Still haven't received Diamond Painting****
            ** June 21,2020 ordered from SHIMMER STITCH ( based in the USA)
I want people to know some issues. The diamond paintings I have seen from this company do look good in the pictures I've seen. My concern is the customer service and receiving the products. The money comes out of your account right away but they won't ship right away like they state they will.
The place I ordered from stated it ships from the USA however after reading thru some comments in a group , they seem to come from China. Also states fast shipping. I have not heard anything from the company at all even though I emailed them twice once thru a reply from the order receipt and found another email on the website  so I emailed that. Quite a few people are/were in their "club" but have stated that they haven't received the Jan. Feb. March club boxes. A few stated that they haven't received their orders at all and it's been months since they ordered. Apparently the company has been in business for 2 years and is run by a individual. But yet they hold LIVE videos 3 times a week and will ship those orders immediately. So anyone ordering OFF their website pretty much has to wait months on end and HOPE they get thier orders if they get them at all.

So with all that said. I am out some money possibly and absolutely will NOT order from them again.

         **** Completed Aug. 13th, 2020                           
** July 27th 2020 Started but not complete. Have to wait on a light pad to come in
This one is Enchanted Rose, some of the symbols are a tad bit hard to see but I can see what they are for the most part, It seems to be a poured glue.

 It was shipped in a white plastic bag and was wrapped with rubber bands

                                                 4 small baggies clearly not enough since it has 20 colors
                                        The paper was bubbled up but not the picture itself

                        Square drills here they all look good no defects that I can tell as of right now
                                         My storage system from Michaels - used my label maker for the numbers
on the original bags as you see in the 3rd photo down the numbers are stamped in black making it difficult to see them.

*Company Info*
Free Diamond Painting
This one is the one I ordered and the size is 20x20CM (which is the exact size I ordered)  that is the PICTURE size NOT the size of the whole canvas as some companies measure it.

Update review found here
#2 Update on Order. I received it today June 25th 2020 review coming soon
#2 Ordered is from an Etsy shop under the name CHI456. This I found is also shipping from China which on the website it says Shipped from the United States but I have the YUNExpress tracking number, clearly does NOT ship from the US as it states on shop so again I may not order from this shop again either. I would rather have something that is shipped from the US, just easier to track and if any problems I can at least get restitution.
The #6 white coffee cups and rose

This is what info I have found so far on my package.
I also ordered this on the 8th
6-10-2020- Shipment information received
6-14-2020-Arrived at Sort Facility YIWU----YIWU
6-14-2020- Shipment has been processed in operational center----YIWU
This one has moved thru the system as of today June 20th, 2020
as of 11:47AM it has cleared customs-LCJ United States, Sounds like an airport but not sure where that is.

I can say despite having bad drills from this company, They have been keeping in contact with me about the drills and are sending new ones. Customer service is good. They may take some time to respond but patient is needed. They are professional as well. 
*** Update July 27th 2020, Can not complete due to bad drills.  
#3 UPDATE Received order today June 25th 2020 review coming soon
*UPDATE Have not heard anything from this company June 20,2020
#3 Ordered is from Diamond Art Home
I did order from them for the first time on the 8th of this month.  BEFORE reading some comments on Mrs. Crochet & Coffee youtube channel about the company. She did an unboxing from this company but people in the comments had a lot to say about it.
I had not heard anything from the company about my order other than a receipt so I messaged them from their site and gave it 24 hours for a response, heard nothing so I replied on the email receipt that was sent to me I asked when would the order ship, again waited for a reply and got this in a email.
FROM : Victor A. <

Whole Email below
Hey there!

Thanks for contacting us. 

All the Diamond Art Home orders are Printed on Demand in the USA, and right now the queue is at full capacity, we got a delay of 5 to 9 days to print your orderthis does not include the shipping times from USPS.

We are doing our best to get your order ready as fast as we can. We apologize about this inconvenience.

If you have any issue with your order please fill (once) this form:
 form link removed by me

We will reply to you as soon as possible, please mind that our production is at full capacity, so our customer service responses may delay a bit.

Diamond Art Home is the only company that PRODUCES and SHIP from the USA. As you surely know, our shipping times are the fastest on the market. However, given the current situation previously explained and due to the HIGH DEMAND, our processing and shipping times may be affected. Not to mention that USPS already have some delays with shipments in our country (completely understandable).  

- We want you to feel calm knowing that you bought at Diamond Art Home, and our thousands of clients give us their confidence in each purchase, knowing that we are an American company that produces quality in each of our orders. We are still OPEN and working for you and yours, in these difficult times.

- We strongly ask you, if you already have a tracking number, go directly to the USPS page ( so you can follow your package comfortably, they also give you the option to activate SMS notifications and every once your package moves, they will let you know; You can do this directly on their website, after placing your tracking number. We have no way of providing more information than what is thrown to you and us on their website. If you see any excessive delay you can contact them directly, remember that they will already have your package in their hands.

- Currently our mailbox is saturated, so response times may be affected. As we said previously, you can feel confident that your purchase will be processed and shipped satisfactorily. We have a system that will automatically notify you as soon as your order has been processed and shipped, with its respective tracking number.

- Finally, if you still need to contact us by email, we kindly ask for your patience, be sure that we will help you with your request.

We greatly appreciate you for your patience, trust and understanding in these tough times.

Diamond Art Home

Link to Diamond Painting I ordered

UPDATE Order received and review in seperate blog post. 
UPDATE again, I had forgot about another diamond painting I ordered.
This one is a partial drill from  Crystal Canvas Art Designs
I ordered Forget Me Not Partial Drill 9.5" on the 16th of June and it has shipped on the 18th and I am due to receive it on the 22nd. So far I am impressed with the company. trying to wait patiently lol
Update and Review soon. Review is on this page

That's all for now.. I will update this as I hopefully receive my other orders
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. I do like the Wolves heads so pretty.
    I know what you mean about trying to get a package received, I ordered a kit from a nameless stitch shop (not here in Minnesota) I waited 6 weeks, I had to send an email saying if I did not get the kit within on week I was canceling, lo and behold three days later it arrived.
    Even a tracking number is no good unless they have mailed the package.
    Its a shame some places only think of them selves and not customers.
    Have a great day.


    1. Thank you :) I'm having issues with 2 companies at this time.
      It is a shame that some companies can be like they are and get away with it.


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