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Sunday, September 8, 2019

2019 Year of Starts

Well Fall is upon us! Still some warm days here in Central NC, highs still in the 90's still feels like Summer here but anyway.....

                                                        HAPPY FALL YA'LL

Been  Mid-July since I have even had a chance to post here in Blogland and I am sorry the post are few and far between. Life such as it is has been busy for me with work and home life, running errands and Dr. Appts.(husband's)

Stitching and Swedish weaving have taken over here when I can find time to actually sit and relax and pick up a needle , Not much of either has been going on. 2 large projects I hope to finish by Christmas is looking like it's NOT going to happen. Many small on-the-go projects but have little time to work on those as well.

#1 Large Project Winter Wildlife Christmas. This one I am hoping to finish by Christmas
#2 Large Project. I don't have a picture of it on the computer but it's Vintage Merry Christmas

#3 Project- Autumn Cat found in Just Cross Stitch issue October 2019

                                                             Just Cross Stitch Magazine

                                           you can purchased it here ^. I get the digital issue

#4 Project is a bookmark by Chelsea Buns Cross Stitch called Autumn Feels For Fall. She has an website found here: Chelsea Buns Cross Stitch

Onto the Swedish Weaving...
I started working on another afghan pattern from Learn to Swedish Weave on Monk's Cloth.
This one is called Mountain Pines. I had shown my daughter-in-law Ocean Waves and showed her  the book and I had planned on starting Mountain Pines( I didn't tell her ) once I had finished Ocean Waves. I saw her reaction when she saw the yarn and the pattern she said she really liked it so I am secretly weaving this one for her and hope to have it finished by June of next year for her Birthday
I've had a little trouble with this one as far as the pattern *hint- still learning how to "read" them* but I think I have the "peaks" figured out now....

 I also found another Swedish Weave pattern , this one is for placemats but the fabric is different. It's like huck towel I am guessing ,so I am learning on this as well...
Can you see those tiny little "floats" ?
I had started a Chevron pattern(my own creation) on this but decided to do the other pattern


Christine's Swedish Weaving
I'll be weaving this with Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn - Burgundy found at : Michaels
Paton's Classic Wool Worsted- New Denim- this one was on clearance at Michaels. I don't think they are carrying it anymore. You may be able to find it online. I haven't researched as to where at the moment.

That's all for
Until Next Time...
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. Hi Christie,
    You have some very interesting projects on the go!
    I look forward to seeing the cat one.
    I do hope you have a little time to stitch at the weekend.
    Sorry to hear your hubby is having a few trips to the doctors.
    Take care of yourselves!
    Oh, I’m sorry to hear you need to use moderation, it’s a nuisance for you, I know what it’s like!
    Barbara xx

    1. Thank you, I am hoping to finish the Autumn Cat and Stocking #1 :)

  2. It really shows how busy you are when you show all your projects at once! Haha! Everything is beautiful! Hope all the doctor visits for your hubby aren't anything serious.

  3. Thank you :) Yes it does seem like a lot, I have a tendency to start smalls and it has begun to build up lol Must finish them lol


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