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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Happy Belated Holidays

Happy Belated Holidays

I hope that your Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful and you got to spend time with Family and Friends.

Both my Holidays were quiet, just me and the hubby...

I've done some stitching and finishing.

All 3 Christmas Stocking are fully finished and 1 is on it's way to Mom
The other 2 are waiting on my son and daughter -in-law to arrive. Still don't know when they are coming down but it's all ok.

Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas
I made all 3 into stockings myself which wasn't easy for me as I can't sew very well but I did try, Just hoping they like them.

Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas

Stocking #3 Christmas Eve

If anyone has any suggestions as to who I can send the finished cross stitch off to to be finished into stockings that is reasonably priced. I would greatly appreciate it as I said my sewing isn't perfect by any amount of means.

Onto other cross  stitch. I had finished Gingerbread house by Stone Street Stitchworks a while back but  never fully finished it. I was browsing facebook in some groups I am in and come up on a post from a member who had finished a cross stitch into an ornament. She found the tutorial on Youtube from The Ornament Girl. Here is the link to 1 of her videos, She has lots of videos and a website where you can join her clubs and such. I have to say there are some beautiful ornaments to be made from her. Please go check her out and show her some LOVE. She's a widow and single mom to 2 beautiful children.

Youtube link : The Ornament Girl
Website About link : The Ornament Girl About page

My ornament thru 1 of her tutorials on Youtube No Sew Folded Fabric Snow Globe Ornament

*I also pulled out the 12 Days of Christmas by Michaela Learner - Etsy Shop - Charts and Stuff
   Just 2 more to go, working on Day 11 I am much further than this pic but haven't taken a pic yet of current progress. I am backstitching it now.

*Also fully finished Vintage Merry Christmas

I  used a large hoop I had laying around as I prefer using a scroll frame and do 2 handed stitching, my hands have a tendency to cramp up while holding hoops due to arthritis in both hands.

Also found a cute little glass bowl snowman to make as well from Youtube.
TriciaTxLady Flores- Just found her this month and still watching her videos
Can you tell I absolutely LOVE and collect Cardinals. I have a beautiful pattern from

Kitty and Me Designs - Blogspot - Kitty and Me Designs
                                       Etsy Shop - Kitty and Me Designs

I have not stitched this yet but going to after I finish the 12 Days of Christmas.

I'll do my best to keep you updated on all the going ons here more often. Often hard to find the time to stitch and blog when I work a full time job and a full time care giver.

That's all for now..... Much Love and Hugs
                                  Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. Happy Holidays to you Christie!! I think your stockings turned out lovely! I love your new stocking pattern, really looking forward to following your progress on it :)

    1. Thank you. Sorry for the late reply. Life has got in the way quite a bit lately as you know from my post in the group on Facebook lol


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