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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Apologies for not posting much.

Due to some unsavory comments(removed) left on some of my posts,I am now having to moderate comments. My deepest apologies to my followers but I have no way of blocking them when they have a blogger profile. I am working to find a way to stop these ******* ( not so nice word due to being really upset!!!)from making any comments and posting in those comments some VERY UNWELCOMED links.
Please be patient with me as I deal with all this.

Work, Life, Errands = very little stitching and time to do much of anything. Life gets in the way quite often here.

I do have another finish. This one is Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas

Yes it's actually finished. It was to be stitched this way by choice. 

Another hobby I have recently found and trying is Swedish Weaving. My Mom had given me some embroidery books and in the pile she gave me was one from  the American School of Needlework ©2000 by Marilyn T. Magly.

Titled : Learn to make Monk's Cloth Afghans
I have just enough Monk's cloth to make 2 and the first one I started on is Ocean Waves. I'm using Black and Violet with this one. I'll show the other one once I start it after finishing this current one.
3 links to the book is listed at the end of the post

I am still cross stitching but not as much as I would like and hoping to get back to it.
I've been working on a leaflet by Lizzie Kate
Coffee Crazy #128
Link(s) listed  at the end of post
I'm using all 3 patterns and modifying them on 1 piece of cotton 14 count aida
I'm using a combination of  DMC & Weeks Dye Works
A couple of more things to add before calling this finished and I am working on the last coffee cup.
I also picked up one that will hang above this 
Home Spun Elegance.LTD
Designed by Sandra Sullivan
Country Spirits Collection
Delivering  The Coffee Beans
Etsy Shop link listed at the end of the post

That's all for now. I hope to make another post next week. 
In the meantime.....

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