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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I was recently cruising the world wide web of cross stitching and was watching floss-tube aka you-tube videos and seen a tutorial from Primitive Stitcher on how to make a fabric bag which she shows her version in a  step by step in a video tutorial. I decided to try and make one for myself early this morning because I couldn't sleep. So I watched  her tutorial on her version of it  and also went to the site that she gave credit too here Craftsy. The pattern is by Hearts and Bees   and the other to give credit to is Kelby Sews
The tutorial that Primitive Stitcher did was very easy to follow. I thought she did amazing!
            I thought I was being very careful about how the pattern on the fabric was being right side up and apparently I wasn't careful enough, the birds on this particular fabric were upside down AND right side up. and of course sewing my first fabric bag the birds are upside down x sigh x eh well I can always make another one BUT next time I am choosing a SOLID color fabric. This was fabric I had laying around with no specific plans to use for anything. I'm not really a liker of this type of print but I thought it would look cute as a bag to hold my fat quarter material in. Ok Ok enough of me babbling here's my fabric bag and I hope that you will find Hearts and Bees and Primitive Stitcher's tutorial very helpful. I know I did!

East Coast Stitcher on YouTubeEast Coast Stitcher on Google+

Until next time.... Happy Stitching and may Mr. Frog stay way. Keep Cool ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~


  1. Great bag. There are so many good tutorials out there, you can learn almost anything!
    Thanks for the invite to the new group, but when I went to accept it, Google said I needed a Google Plus account which I don't have and don't intend to get. I tried it when it first came out and much prefer my plain account. It seems to cause a lot of issues with commenting.

    1. Thank you. I sent you an email with a link to a page I also made for the same purpose. Yes when I linked my google+ account to my blog I had a lot of issues so I fix that as mentioned in one of my previous post. I


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