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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For my followers..... A Freebie from me to you

As ya'll know I'm not a designer but....... I've had this design mulling around in my head for a couple of weeks and decided a couple of days ago I would try designing it. So 3 colors become a design. It was thinking,  editing , color change 3 times, edit some more until I felt satisfied with the idea for 2 days.
It became real yesterday evening as I started stitching it, halfway through I decided on 1 last color change after a floss toss. So here is the finish. If you are a follower of my blog and would like this freebie please email me at -   In the subject line please put Ort Jar Pattern. I will NOT share your email with anyone. This is to show my appreciation to you for following and joining me on my  cross stitch journeys. :)  Happy Stitching and may Mr. Frog stay away!
~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~
***** Just  a couple of simple rules- ******
1. You must be a follower. 
2.Click to follow on the right. By Email (top left of  main page).
                                                       Or by my Google+ profile ------>
3. Post a comment stating you are following and put a link to your blog and/or profile ONLY ( please no email address I prefer to protect your information) and I will visit and follow you as well. After you have commented please email me as stated above. Thank you :)

Google Plus profile - East Coast Stitcher


  1. That is so sweet! My ORTs jar would like a label.
    I would be a follower but I can't find your Followers gadget! I know Blogger hides it away on the gadget list and newer bloggers don't always add it to their layout.
    You're on my Feedly reader though. I don't like Bloglovin' or Google Plus.

    1. Here's my blog - I know you follow me already :-)

    2. Yes Ma'am I do follow you. Love seeing your post. Will send a message to you now.

  2. What a cute design :) Thank you for following me, I've added you to my Bloglovin list :)

    1. You're welcome and Thank you for following me. Happy to meet new stitching friends!

    2. Laura, If you would like the design I can send it to you if you would email me at the above mentioned address on the post. You are a no-reply therefore I don't have your email address to send it. Thank you again for following me. Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~

  3. I'd love your chart! I'm a follower -
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank you for following me. :) I sent you a message by email. Happy Stitching!


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