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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sorry for the delay in Postings

 I'm so sorry for not posting in over a month, Life and work has been busy with the Holidays.

I've been crocheting in the evenings after work. I finally have an update on the Crochet Christmas Quilt. It is almost finished!! Done a little more than just crochet it :) 

 This is how I planned out how to join the halves once I finished them all. There are 24 Red halves, 24 Green halves and 48 light blue halves.

This is where I was working on doing a half double crochet border.
 This is all hand sewn. no machine sewing at all. I enjoy sewing up this way when working on quilts although I don't do fabric quilts. I felt hand sewn was better for this.

This here I am working on the last end I bought 2 yards of red material and a bag of low loft batting. I didn't cut the material at all instead I folded it and the batting to create a little more at the bottom for warming the feet up if you have cold feet like I do ;)😉

I've been working on another crochet quilt called the Granny Log Cabin Crochet Blanket. I most likely won't back that one, not sure yet.

That's all for now. I hope to make another post of other things I've been crocheting 💗💗💗💗

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  1. The Christmas crochet quilt is lovely, I bet it will get a lot of cozy use.
    The crochet pumpkin is adorable as is the pie.
    Nice start on the new quilt.



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