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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Crochet Update #3 plus my orders are in!

 Hello All I hope this finds you doing well  &  once again another update on projects. These post are acting as sort of a journal as well as I enjoy sharing my projects with you and hope it inspires you to go out of your comfort zone and try something new :)

 On my last post I was working on the Broomstick Lace Scarf using Premier Nordic Self Patterning Design(#3 Light)  in Harbor Grey. I'm happy to report it is now right at 33 inches long, My plan is going to 44 inches long which will hit right at my waist line. I don't really want it any longer than that as it is more of an accessory than for warmth even though it does feel warm. 

That black yarn is another project I started using Red Heart Soft Essentials. More on this one later.

The scarf is coming along smooth right now and I am working on it this evening, nice easy relaxing stitch.

I have stopped the Infinite Granny Square for the time being, Trying to locate the Yarn Bee Purely Fresh in charcoal at a reasonable price. All I am seeing at the moment is the yarn on different sites selling for twice as much as regular price($5.99) I bought it on sale for $1.37 clearance price.
I refuse to buy it at double the price so I will work with the second color once I give up trying to find the charcoal color.

The Simple Double Crochet Blanket is coming along nice as well. It is now 4 foot long and I have used 4 skeins. I have 6 more skeins so I am deciding on how long I really want this one to be. The Bernat Softee Chunky (#6 Super Bulky) can be found at a VERY reasonable price from an Etsy shop called YarnShop4U  OR on their website at the same price for a 3 pack which you get a 4% refund on the price. YarnShop4U website

Next up is 1 yarn haul from Lion Brand another favorite yarn of mine. I spoke of the order coming in on my last blog post and said something about the Santa Sack. It come in and I am very happy with the yarns. Total retail price of the 9 skeins is $71.91. These prices are listed on their website. 
 Break down of each then pictures
3 skeins- Lion Brand Cotton Candy Blend retails for $7.99 each 
3 skeins- Lion Brand Twisted Cotton Blend (Red) $5.99 each
3 skeins- Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick Stripes (Coral Stripes) $9.99 each

I haven't decided what I will make with the Cotton Candy Blend or the Coral Stripes yet but the twisted cotton will most likely be hand/kitchen towels just like the one I made with the twisted cotton in black 
< I redone this one as I lost count of my double crochets


I also recently purchased a couple of skeins of Premier Sweet Roll Frostie yarn in Iced Coffee. $4.99 each.     Premier Yarns Sweet Roll Frostie  I am making a simple double crochet scarf with this yarn.

 I like the "boxy" color changes this way. You could start this length wise and have the colorway that way as well. I may try that with the 2nd skein that way I have 2 different looking scarfs with same colorway.

There's another project I am trying with a different yarn but not liking how it is working up. I'm doing simple hand towels or I may stop it and call it washcloths but I just don't know yet. I got this at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $1.49. It's Yarn Bee Mimosa 3.5 oz. 240 yards Blue. It's a light weight. It really likes to twist up bad when you are working with it. I don't know if it's because I am working with the center pull or what. I just know I won't be looking for this yarn at all. I'll use up what I have and be done with it.

I think that is all for now and back to crocheting and watching videos for more inspiration. 

Until Next Time.....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. Beautiful projects! The twisting yarn would be so annoying! I don't blame you for not wanted to crochet with it ever again.

    1. Thank you :) It is very annoying. I think I'll stop at a washcloth size and put the yarn away for a while.


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