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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Diamond Painting WAX Review- *MetalHeadsDPs on Etsy*


 This company I ordered from for the first time on July 7th, 2020 received it on July 13th.
                                       ****HIGHLY RECOMMEND****


I got tired of using the pink wax and having to refill the drill pen numerous times on the 2 small full coverage diamond paintings I did. 
So I went searching for a better wax by watching reviews on YouTube and come across one reviewing "that WAX".
 I took a chance and ordered 1- 10g container to try. They are fair in price as well.  
I ordered Rustic Forest and oh my does it smell just like a forest and NOT overwhelming at all, 
they also sent along a little sample of Cherry Sour and my word they are both just the bees knees. 
Can you tell I am happy with my 1st purchase?   LOL. It is a hard wax BUT you can fill the drill pen easily with it. 
This wax works very well, just a light touch to the drill and it picks it up. I use a " light hand" for picking up and placing. I'm not a "hard presser".
                                     Pink Bubble wrap mailer and they wrapped everything in bubblewrap :)
                                My hand is bothering me in this pic that's why the brace is on, helps with arthritis.

                                                      Until next time.....
                                        Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. I had no idea you could buy other wax for diamond painting. I'm going to have to try some! :)

    1. Definitely do try it! I didn't either until I started watching videos about diamond painting so that I could learn tips and tricks. :)

  2. You are making it easier for me to want to try this craft.


    1. Start with a partial from Diamond Painting Bliss on Etsy.
      That is their shop.
      I recommend them. They have fast shipping and if you have any questions they will answer you in a timely manner.
      I'm diamond painting now since the arthritis has flaired up in both hands and it hurts to try to cross stitch.


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