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Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 2019

 Hello everyone, I am back for an update. 
2nd finish of the year!!
I just sat for 2 hours and have a finish! Patriotic Home by Homespun Elegance. 2 changes 1 to the bird on the roof, had to have it red and the other was a color change from 739 to 3866 still too light for the stars but I'll leave it for now. I've also told myself ONLY 4 projects in rotation, Let's see if I can hold myself to that. lol May not last long though. I still have some smalls laying around. Went thru all my fabric and couldn't find anymore Charles Craft 28 count Monaco Tea dyed but did find a piece attached to another small that I hope is going to be big enough to do 1 more of Michaela Learner 12 Days of Christmas , I have just 2 more to do but must find the linen again. I've looked in Michaels and Hobby Lobby and neither have it in stock. I am wondering if they( Charles Craft) has discontinued it? I've found it on several websites but I'm going to hold off on buying it till another day for now.

The 4 Projects are
Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas
Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas
Stocking #3 Christmas Eve
Vintage Merry Christmas.

If I do manage to get one of those done I may also start on LHN Hometown Holiday series. 3 more I want to do of those.

Also may start Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas since it didn't seem to take me so long in 2017 to stitch up Days 1-10, unbelievable how a year passes so quickly!
                                            Patriotic Home by Homespun Elegance

Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas- Stoney Creek Collection Book 387 Best of Stoney Creek Stockings 1
                         Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas - Rosewood Manor - designed by Karen Kluba
                         Stocking #3 Christmas Eve by Jean Farrish
                               Vintage Merry Christmas by StitchX Cross Stitch Designs
I hope that everyone is doing well, staying safe and warm . Thank you for stopping by for a visit. :)
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. I can have a look at my Michael's next time I go for that linen if you need any more. And all your projects are lovely!

    1. Thank you That would be great if you can find some! Let me know via Facebook please. I've also read on a site that they are discontinuing that particular fabric, I don't know why as it is very popular.


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