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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Wips, progress and finishes

Hello All, I hope that this finds everyone doing well and stitching. :)

This post will be picture heavy as I am going to try and show a few wips and the progress as well as a couple of finishes and  2 new starts.
 UPDATE- 10-27-2018
#1WIP Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas. I have managed to finish 2 of the 5 animals and started on the 3rd one. Also found the MIA color after buying 5 more skeins of it so was able to finish the 2nd animal. I named him Bullwinkle.
The 3rd animal has just 3 colors so he may show up faster this time provided no more floss goes MIA lol Already named him Gentle Ben.

Also finished Little House Needleworks- Hometown Holiday- Needlework Shop
 I had stopped working on FoxWood Crossings Snowy Visitors and just now decided to pull them back out and finish the last 3 I need.

Until Next Time.....
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'

 #1 WIP - Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas. I was making good progress and hoped to finish as least #2 of 5 animals, There's not many color changes in this one and went to get the 1 color (DMC 435) I needed and discovered that the said color has went MIA , the whole snack bag full has disappeared ( I still have no idea where it is). I was working on this last Thursday in my rotation and it all come to a screeching halt when I couldn't find the color. I look for over an hour and it is still MIA so had to wait until after work on Friday to buy more. I got aggravated and settled myself by having a new start.
Stocking #1                        Winter Wildlife Christmas
The new start this past week is Little House Needleworks - Hometown Holiday - Needlework Shop. I got my pattern and fabric from 123Stitch my go to online shop. You can find the pattern @ Needlework-Shop-Cross-Stitch-Pattern
 Fabric is there also and is 30 count Portobello Linen. I will also be stitching the Coffee Shop in the series as well on the same fabric using DMC threads.
                                                     Needlework Shop

I am also working on my Sunday Smalls Foxwood Crossings Sled Ornaments - Snowy Visitors. I am stitching the same ornament for family members this year.
Now up for a couple of FFO's - Finally Finished Objects or Fully Finished Objects

Welcome to the Nuthouse by Waxing Moon Designs. I finished stitching this last year but finally come up with a finishing idea this past month.
There's 2 places I can recommend to get this Waxing Moon Designs on 123Stitch
paper chart on 123Stitch
or the PDF on Etsy directly from Waxing Moon Designs
The second one is Luminaria Lane by Hands On Designs Hands-On-Design-Luminaria-Lane-White-Christmas-5-Cross-Stitch-Pattern again from 123Stitch. Links will take you to each design on the website.
I used my own Hand-Dyed Aida Denim color 14 count with a mix of DMC Threads and Iris Threads and one of my own hand-dyed thread.

Next up is another new start by Cottage Garden Samplings called Peace on Earth. There's also a SAL group on Facebook for this one as well. There are 2 colorways(it shows both) you can stitch this on per the pattern. I've chosen my own hand dyed fabric. 18 count aida dyed pearl grey. You can find the pattern as a PDF on Etsy Cottage Garden Samplings -instant-download-peace-on-earth-cross
The SAL on Facebook started today 8-12-2018. Facebook Group
If anyone who isn't on Facebook but on Blogger or Google+ would like to join me let me know in comments.

Until Next Time.....
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. You've been busy with your stitching needles! Great finishes too, the nuthouse one made me smile :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm glad you stopped by. I hope you enjoy the posts, more to come later

  2. Look at all your projects!!! Glorious! Can't wait to hear where that thread was hiding when you find it :)

    1. Thank you :) I do have quite a few and hoping to make more progress on all of them. The thread is still MIA. I've went thru everything again and no where to be found lol.


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