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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

So much going on and so behind.....

Hello All, I hope this finds everyone doing well. I haven't really had much time to post to blogger so please bear  with me and know that I do appreciate each and every one of you.

This is going to be picture heavy because I have reorganized part of my craft room, put away projects and found projects plus I am working on my rotation pieces Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas, #2 Celtic Christmas and #3 Christmas Eve. Plus started a new Special project I only work on on Saturdays so it's known as Saturday Special Project and Sunday Smalls.

Pictures of my reorganization : Wips in my rotation                        


3 bottom shelves are DMC full line of solids, Special threads, etc..
2nd shelf is wips that I plan on stitching , and my yarn & plastic canvas crafts
 Top  shelf is fabrics and kits

Now onto my stitching projects. I've made some progress on the stockings which will be updated on another post specially made for them. This post is featuring  a Jeanette Douglas Designs Finger Pyn Pillows which I won from Heather Stitches back in Oct. 2016. Love these little designs but only stitched 1 back in Nov. 2016 before being unintentionally buried under lots of other projects and I just found them after reorganizing my stash. These are being worked on 32  count linen 1 over 2 with DMC threads that Heather provided for the projects. the little pillow to the left is the one I stitched back in Nov. 2016. the wip in the hoop is pillow #3

The finish which I haven't finished into a pillow yet

The Saturday Special Project is by Little House Needleworks- Hometown Holiday- Bookstore , there's other in the series and you can find them at Little House Needleworks . I got mine from 123Stitch . On this I am using mostly DMC threads- the brown is a blend of DMC 420 & 433. The birds, trees will be stitched using Weeks Dye Works
( WDW) Merlot and Spinach and Twig from Colour and Cotton ( Colour and Cotton )

My Sunday Smalls consist of Sled Ornaments from Snowy Visitors by Foxwood Crossings - found on 123Stitch

14 count- DMC Threads.
And another small by Shelley Auten of Primitive Stitchin' . I'm stitching Lady Liberty 1776 on Osnaburg linen I found at my local craft store and I plan to stitch Uncle Sam 1776 as well to add to my American Bowl that I covered in fabric , they will join Liberty by Just Nan
Links: Primitve Stitchin' you can find the patterns in her Etsy shop
           Just Nan I found mine on Amazon

I do hope you have enjoyed this picture walk and found the information and links helpful.
Until next time...
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


  1. Hi! I have not been very active 'over here'...I spend way to much time on FB! UGH! It is really cutting into my creative stitching time. You have a very nice blog! I thank you for links and designer names! That is very helpful for when someone wants to follow along! Your organizing is great! I do a lot of organizing, then, I sometimes do it again until I feel comfortable at my craft table. I like to know where all of my projects are located, whether or not, I am working on them as a rotation; or it may be a UFO. I go absolutely bonkers when I can not find a project! well, I do have a blog but have not been there in a couple of years. Maybe I will start again. Thank you for sharing! hugs, queeny

    1. Thank you Pamela! I hope that I can continue posting to blogger on a regular basis but as many know, time flies when you are busy with work and life. You are most welcome for the links to the designers. I try my best to give credit to them all. :)

  2. I love those little Pyn Pillows! They are beyond sweet! And I would love to stitch the hometown holiday series and finish them as standing cubes to use for a Christmas village. And beautiful stitching on everything else :) Always like to see what you are stitching!

    1. Thank you :) That's a wonderful idea on the Hometown Holiday series. Would love to see it when you get a chance to stitch them. They are all very cute.


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