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Monday, June 25, 2018

2018 Stitching Plans

UPDATED 6-24-18 I've put astricks and the date 6-24-18 next to the updates

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' 

 UPDATED  5-12-2018 Woohoo finally an updated version of the stockings.
            Happy Mother's Day to everyone :)

UPDATED  1 -10 2018  Happy New Year!!

Stocking 1 Winter Wildlife Christmas started and top band is done. 
Stocking 1 Winter Wildlife Christmas update Slowly working on it in a rotation. Update where I am at as of 2 weeks ago when it come up in rotation.
5-12-2018 Woohoo finally an update on Stocking 1 Winter  Wildlife Christmas. I have completed page 1 and 2. I've been working on this slowly and stitching other projects as well. More on those on another post. For now this is my stopping point until I get back to it in rotation.
***6-24-18 Little bit of an update here , I've finished page 1(the eagle and band) and page 2 the trees. Still working on the final part of the stand of trees and up next is the moose first then the rest of the animals.

Stocking 3 is now Stocking 2 Celtic Christmas started. This is this weeks rotation piece. Top 2 bands done working on #3 band. I've also stitched on this but haven't updated either, my apologies for being slack on posting work is in busy season.
5-12-2018 update

 Stocking 2 Celtic Christmas  Update as of a week ago when it come up in rotation..
I finished the infinity chain(green) I'll give details as to what thread color I was using versus the called for threads. I've been making some changes as I go. That chain ( if someone can tell me the actual name of the band) has a lot of quarter stitches in it that's why you see the sharp needle , makes it easier to do the quarter stitches when working on a stiff 18 count aida.

**6-24-18 ** Another small update on Stocking #2. working on another infinity chain same as the last one I worked on plus finished the ?infinity knots? I guess you would call them that...

 I haven't started on the Christmas Eve Stocking it comes up next week 1 -15-2018
***This one I have started and it is going a little faster that the other 2 so far I am happy with the results
 Stocking 3 Christmas Eve. This one is Week 3 rotation piece. This is 2 stitching sessions.

5-12-2018 UPDATE wow I really need to update this as much as I can while I have a few minutes hopefully weekly updates from now on.

** 6-24-18 **This one has really been an easy stitch so far and I have finished the 2nd Floor bedroom. Next rotation I'll start on the living room which is the bottom of the stocking from Heel(right) to Toe (left).

Happy Stitching and may you have smokin' needles ... xxx

I've planned on stitching 3 stockings, 8 ornaments and work on an old WIP Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse.
The stocking are

 1. Winter Wildlife Christmas from Stoney Creek Collection Book 387 Best of Stoney Creek Stockings 1 found Stocking 1

2. Christmas Eve Stocking from Jean Farish Needleworks. Village Stocking Collection No. 1 found  Stocking 2

3. Celtic Christmas  from Rosewood Manor- Designed by Karen Kluba This one I found on 123Stitch Stocking 3

I'll be working on the stockings in a rotation. One a week until complete. No pictures yet..

This one is out of rotation for now until I get the stockings done - Last one in my rotation is a WIP I've pulled back out called Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse.. I haven't worked on it yet this year but it will be coming into rotation as #4

The ornaments are from Foxwood Crossings called Snowy Visitors. These are my Sunday Smalls
UPDATE- 5-12-2018 I now have 5 of 9 done, another was added on

**6-24-18 ** Started #7 of 9 2 more to go. 

My Sunday Smalls updates... I have 3 of 8 finished and working on the fourth one.

Here's to another year filled with stitching to all

Happy Stitching and may you have smokin' needles ... xxx


  1. I look forward to seeing your progress through the year, especially the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of those stockings!! I have a few shepherds bush stockings I should get stitched up soon! Maybe next year :)

  3. I love your plans. I would like to stitch some Santa stockings one of these days. Just a way to remember my Dad at Christmas. He was a great Santa for a whole lot of kids who otherwise wouldn't get to visit with a Santa. Yours are looking wonderful.

    1. Beautiful memory. I hope that you will be able to soon. Thank you :)


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