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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 A year in stitches...

Well so much for trying to keep updated here. Life such as it is has thrown me for a loop. Work has been busy, had some issues with a job I was at for 3 years and finally called it quits at the last of Aug. and started a new job in Sept. Same pay but much better conditions, No Drama, No Name Calling etc. I am much happier than I was 4 months ago. How ever this post is about all the finishes I did for the year 2017. This is going to be quite picture heavy as I have many friends in the cross stitching/embroidery world now that have helped me by encouraging me, offering advice, answering questions and motivating me to stitch more. It's a hobby that I truly enjoy and I have enjoyed meeting new friends and getting to know many of them. So here's to ALL my stitching friends. Love ya'll bunches and hope to see you and talk to you in the New Year and hope  we have many more years of friendship.

                                           2017 FINISHES

                  In no particular order as I have not renamed the files for each of the finishes I did this year. I'll count them as I post them.I counted 36 finishes for 2017!!! Granted some are smalls  though



Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Happy Stitching and may you have smokin' needles.. xxx

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  1. Wow wow wow!!! What a productive 2017 you had!! They are all gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see what all you stitch this year!


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