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Monday, August 22, 2016

From Needlepoint/Embrodiery/Crewel to Cross Stitch FINISHED

I recently bought a needlepoint chart from my local LNS. I decided instead of working the stitches as called for on the chart I converted them to cross stitch  with added embellishments of my own....
           I've done quite a bit of it so far as I needed this cross stitch therapy after yesterday's thunderstorms. I really don't like thunderstorms, I pace my house until they are over especially this one. It did a lot of damage in my area.

    Anyway........ Onto my little project. This is going to be picture heavy until I complete it...........

8 - 24-2016 I have a finish! I was still thinking and deciding on which to use ( buttons or beads) all day while I was at work. I finally picked the buttons. I can use the floss wrapped beads for another project later. So without further ado here is the finish, just need to finish it into an ornament or maybe a flat-fold. x shrugs x I'll decide later on how I'll do that and I might put the year along the side......

When I last left off I had not done the leaves yet, they are finished with a bit of sparkle on the stems. The stems aren't perfect being as I have just learned a chain stitch with a whip stitch going back over it. I am learning though...... So here's what I have so far but first I have only the berries to add but have asked the Community on Google for opinions before adding them. The question/poll  for you is - - -  Should I add the button with the 2 holes OR the floss wrapped pony bead shown below?

                                                                    Cover photo
Details written in my cross stitch journal ------>

10 x 10 stretcher bars- (which I rarely use) with a
10 x 10 piece of 14 count cream aida
                                        ^ lantern ring - full cross stitch - 1 strand Kreinik #4 braid 025 pewter
                                        ^ lantern top(roof) - tent stitch - Kreinik # 16 braid 001 Silver

                                lantern side ( left and right) 2 strands - tent stitch - Kreinik #4 025 pewter

                                          lantern base - DMC 317 gray - 2 strands - full cross stitch
             Candle - DMC #5 pearl cotton  321 red - full cross stitch w/ blending filament (light red) criss-crossed over top at intervals
             Candle flame - Kreinik #4 braid 002 gold- full cross stitch
              Candle light - DMC 727 & 3078 alternated - back stitch with a  blending filament (Confetti) over top.

This is as far as I've got, the holly leaves and beads are next. Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~


  1. Great progress! I love all the sparkle :)

    1. Thank you. :) I like the sparkle as well. It just gives it the festive look I wanted


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