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Operation Smiles by Lily Lyon

This post will be very near and dear to my heart, my father was in the Air Force, and also served in the Army National Guards. Miss Lily Lyon ( Lily Lyon), whom is in a group I am in on face book has made a very special design called Operation Smiles. These particular design(s) may be stitched and finished as you see fit. Miss Lily Lyon is the owner and designer of both patterns so please adhere to copyrights.

 Miss Lily in her own words " I'm hoping to get a bunch of people to make them for our vets... maybe for Christmas. I wanted to send mine to veterans hospitals. "

  With permission from Miss Lily Lyon I can share the designs here : Operation Smiles #1  & Operation Smiles #2  

  I myself will be stitching 2 of these. 1 is for Soldiers and the other  is for Sailors. So how about we show our veterans just how special they are to all of us?

 My starting photo of Operation Smiles

Updated now onto the ribbon

Please share any information and photos in comments. I would love to see how everyone is stitching and finishing theirs. 


  1. These are great....I wonder if one could be designed to say, "Thank you brave Marine"


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