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Thursday, October 20, 2016

You are invited to join our Lizzie Kate SAL

The SAL has started in case anyone is still interested in joining.
If you would like to follow 

This SAL will have no time limits, no pressure. Patterns will be any of  Lizzie Kate's designs that you wish to stitch ,some of us will be stitching - Cross Stitcher in Residence is one which is on sale at 123Stitch
We are currently discussing it in the community   Here
 I know many don't use Google+  so we can have discussions etc on this blog post  as well or you can email me at

If  you would like to join please comment below or email me ( at the above address) letting me know.

I've created a second blog for the SAL so that anyone who joins in the SAL will be able to post progress pictures, questions, tips, etc.
 but in order for people to be able to post directly to the blog I need to add you as an author. It states that I will need your email address. Instead of posting it here please email me at  In the subject line  please title it "Blog Author". Once I have your email I can then invite you to be an author.