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Friday, December 30, 2016

Ready to stitch in some SALs?

 The Cross Stitchers/Bloggers/YouTube Community on Google+ has been very busy with organizing some upcoming SALs. You are more than welcome to join in on the stitching fun. Just send me an email stating you would like join - with the name(s) SAL in the subject line to

*NOTE* You do NOT have to be a member over on the Google+ Community in order to join these SALs.

 * In order to post to the blog I will need to add you as an author to the blog just send me an email stating which email you  will be using  to join. 

Ways to join using the 3 methods :
 Google+ profile
 Blogger profile
*****The General Year Long SAL will be starting on January 1st 2017. Happy New Year!*****

 EMS Designs Flower of the Month SAL - started Sept. 7th 2016- still going on

Lizzie Kate SAL started Oct. 20th 2016- still going on.

Miriabilia SAL - Mira March 2017 due to start March 1st 2017.

General Year Long SAL - due to start January 1, 2017
     includes -
* Rainbow Gallery 2004 Cross Stitcher's Surprize Series found HERE

* Ornament-a-Month Challenge -with these there is no obligation to stitch them

Stitch from Stash, WIPs, New Starts,Freebies etc. all included.
 As always Happy Stitching!

I started stitching EMS Designs Flower of the month. Ellen Maurer-Stroh featured them as a 2010 project. If anyone is interested in joining me feel free to hop over here and get the info - - - > EMS Designs SAL 2016

Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~

Victorian Winter by Julia Lucas

This pattern was featured in the Just Cross Stitch Magazine dated Jan/Feb 2016 issue and was shared on their Facebook page in January of this year. I had downloaded it , printed it out at the beginning of the year and started on it in February but had put it away to do other projects for the year. I decided this month to make it my focus piece in my rotation. I have a couple of SALs going on which I can work this one into 1 of them.
The SAL list so far for next year (2017):
 Miriabilia SAL - Mira March 2017 due to start March 1st 2017.
General Year Long SAL - due to start January 1, 2017
I'll be posting about those in the next few weeks....

 12- 29-15 A FINISH ! Woohoo now I am ready to get the SAL(s) going on January 1st 2017. Here is Victorian Winter completed. I'll be framing this one.

Back to Victorian Winter if you do a search on Google - Victorian Winter by Julia Lucas. A   PDF link should pop up at the top of the search list.
*12-24-2016 Well here we are on Christmas Eve I'm still working on Victorian Winter. The 1st floor is done except for back stitching and now I am working on the 2nd floor. It's not looking like a end of year finish though, hoping to make some progress on it over the next few days before  the New Year soooo without further ado a progress pic......
Merry Christmas to all and may Mr. Frog stay away! Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~

* 12-11-2016 I'm back with another update on Victorian Winter. I've finished both the left & right side trees and now working on the bottom floor of the house. It's starting to take shape. I've added the front porch post and railings and one outline of a window.
Happy Stitching! Keep warm, Stay safe! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~

*12 - 5- 2016 Another little up on Victorian Winter. I now have the walkway filled in and a tree almost complete on the right side. Probably a weird way to work but I am working on the left and then the right sides of the pattern and saving the house/cottage for last. So without further ado......

 Happy Stitching and may Mr. Frog stay away! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~

* 12-1-2016 Back to Victorian Winter showing it some love after stitching a couple of ornaments.
Here I am so far. After I finish up the Green tree on the left, I'll work on the driveway/walkway at the bottom.

Here is where I am so far.... This is being stitched on 14 count Light Blue Aida by MCG Textiles I buy mine from a local craft store. I also use Charles Craft Aida but couldn't find any in stock of this color...... anyway onto the picture show.....

Happy Stitching and may Mr. Frog stay away! ~C's Cross Stitch Creations~

Friday, December 23, 2016


Happy Holidays to Everyone! I want to take this time to wish everyone the best of the Holiday Season.
Thank you to ALL my friends that I have met over the year and hope to meet many more. I am happy to have met each of you , you are all in my thoughts and I am looking forward to sharing my stitching journey with all of you in the New Year.
 May the Lord bless each and everyone.
Stay Safe, Stay Warm and enjoy the Holidays with Family and Friends :)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

About the newest issue of Cross Stitch Collection Magazine Issue 270

I was just reminded about an article in the magazine that features Blogs. I was interviewed by email a few months back and forgotten about it til now. This blog( my blog) is one of the featured Blogs in the article.

Anyone who gets a subscription to the magazine will get to see who is behind Christie's Cross Stitch Creations and who East Coast Stitcher is and gets to know a little more about me :)

Unfortunately I can't afford a subscription so I am hoping I did ok in the article.

Happy Stitching! I just wanted you all to know I am very thankful for everyone I have got to know thru Blogging and thru the Community of Cross Stitchers. I hope to meet many more in the years to come....