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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Finish! and Updates

Good evening all :) I hope that you are doing well. I had attempted to try and update my blog once a week on Sundays but life and work has got in the way.
 I hope that with the long periods between updates that you will continue to pull up  a chair and have a cup of coffee or tea with me :)

First update is a FINISH!!  Yes finally finished Week 3 rotation - Stocking #3 Christmas Eve by Jean Farish  of Jean Farish Needleworks found on Etsy

I just need to stitch up the name and cut it out. I've never stitched a stocking before let alone cut out the shape of one, so there's a first for me. Wish me luck please.

Next up this is Week 4 rotation so I am working on Vintage Merry Christmas by StitchX Cross Stitch Designs also found on Etsy

 And another update Stocking #2 I have finished the last band and have 1 motif to stitch on the heel of the stocking. It should be finished when it comes up in rotation 2 weeks from Sunday.

I am trying NOT to have any new starts but work instead on some of my wips, some are small , some are medium sizes. I have a few small on-the-go projects I am working on when I am out and about.
 I am hooked on mini stockings at the moment and have finished one which was a on-the-go project.

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornament done on 18 ct.  Designed by Ursula Michael for Kreinik found Kreink Freebies There are other patterns as well under Freebies on the website.
Is that not the cutest little thing or what? 😊

I'll be replacing Week 3 rotation with Coffee Crazy by Lizzie Kate with modifications. Planning on using stretcher bars to mount this and hang it on the wall with 2 projects from Stone Street Stitchworks called Coffee Corner. 1 is finished and working on the other

 Until next time.....Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Feburary Update 2-12-2019

Hello all, I hope that everyone is doing well. The ones that are dealing with all the snow and below freezing temps, floods out west ,you are all in my thoughts and prayers  always. I hope that you are staying safe and warm and dry.

 Just a few updates for the start of Feb.

*Week 1 Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas. I have finished animal #3 of 5. " Gentle Ben"the big black bear has made a complete appearance and the 4th is starting to make an appearance right in front of him. Not named yet animal #4 already has 8 different shades of brown in him.

*Week 2 Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas. I've completed all the bands but the last one and this one is heavy on the quarter stitches. I'm working this on 18 ct. Aida and it's a bit stiff so I am using a sharp needle to pierce the center of the squares before stitching the quarter stitches, a little slow moving on the last band and there's a motif I will be stitching on the heel of the stocking.

*Week 3 Next week starting Sunday2-17-2019 , I will bring out Stocking #3 Christmas Eve, Looking at a finish on that one hopefully as I am in the last room.

* Week 4 Vintage Merry Christmas. Since my last post I have completed page 2 of 4 and started on page 3.   StitchX Cross Stitch Designs - Etsy Shop
The Holly leaves were pretty easy to stitch and the rest is easy to stitch as well.

 That's all for the rotation pieces
I have also a small finish- one of my on-the-go projects. Stitched on 14 ct. White Aida using DMC threads. This one is Snow Bird by Lizzie Kate.

I have also found some nice little freebie mini stockings from Tokens and Trifles
This link  is for all the shapes and patterns they have , some are I have found not working but most were - Tokens and Trifles- All patterns
Unfortunately the company closed in 2015 and these patterns were for the sewing cards they made.
I don't have the sewing cards but you can stitch them on just about anything so I am using a 7 Mesh plastic canvas and yarn to do one called Quaker Stocking, this one will be a wall hanging as it will be quite large. The others I have found I am planning on stitching them on Aida and Evenweave and possibly perforated paper and some 10Mesh plastic canvas.
 I also started one on 18 ct. Charles Craft Oatmeal Aida -  Kreinik -Mini Stocking -  Mini Stocking - Kreinik.
Both have a few cute little freebies you can stitch up

Thank you for stopping by and visiting for a little while... Until Next Time...........
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Give- Away

victorian motto sampler shoppe

 Miss Nancy has another giveaway going on. This time it's Necessaires and Notions!

Hop on over, follow the rules and enter!

Happy Stitching!
East Coast Stitcher

January 2019

 Hello everyone, I am back for an update. 
2nd finish of the year!!
I just sat for 2 hours and have a finish! Patriotic Home by Homespun Elegance. 2 changes 1 to the bird on the roof, had to have it red and the other was a color change from 739 to 3866 still too light for the stars but I'll leave it for now. I've also told myself ONLY 4 projects in rotation, Let's see if I can hold myself to that. lol May not last long though. I still have some smalls laying around. Went thru all my fabric and couldn't find anymore Charles Craft 28 count Monaco Tea dyed but did find a piece attached to another small that I hope is going to be big enough to do 1 more of Michaela Learner 12 Days of Christmas , I have just 2 more to do but must find the linen again. I've looked in Michaels and Hobby Lobby and neither have it in stock. I am wondering if they( Charles Craft) has discontinued it? I've found it on several websites but I'm going to hold off on buying it till another day for now.

The 4 Projects are
Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas
Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas
Stocking #3 Christmas Eve
Vintage Merry Christmas.

If I do manage to get one of those done I may also start on LHN Hometown Holiday series. 3 more I want to do of those.

Also may start Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas since it didn't seem to take me so long in 2017 to stitch up Days 1-10, unbelievable how a year passes so quickly!
                                            Patriotic Home by Homespun Elegance

Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas- Stoney Creek Collection Book 387 Best of Stoney Creek Stockings 1
                         Stocking #2 Celtic Christmas - Rosewood Manor - designed by Karen Kluba
                         Stocking #3 Christmas Eve by Jean Farrish
                               Vintage Merry Christmas by StitchX Cross Stitch Designs
I hope that everyone is doing well, staying safe and warm . Thank you for stopping by for a visit. :)
Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'

Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Year WIPs , New Starts for 2019

Happy Belated New Year!

Hello Everyone, I hope this finds everyone doing well :)

I'm  still behind on posting  but I'm going to try posting more often in this New Year. I have a few finishes from 2018 to show and stitching plans this year.

Finishes for 2018- 

 Modified from Better Homes and Garden- A Cross Stitch Christmas

 Little House Needleworks - Hometown Holiday series
 The Victorian Sampler- Thea Dueck
Liberty Angel

                                          First Finish of the New Year 2019
This one is by Stone Street Stitchworks (Etsy). It's a Freebie on their Facebook Group. Their business page is here -  StoneStreetStitchworks-Facebook
                                                    Gingerbread Manor  

I'll be continuing to work on the 3 Stockings and hope I can finally finish them this year.
Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas
I have more of "Gentle Ben" done after finishing "BullWinkle"

Stocking #2 A Celtic Christmas
2 more bands to do on this one
Stocking #3 Christmas Eve. I just need to finish the Living Room on this one.
I've also started Winter Solstice by Nichole Franklin- Kaniki's 2017. You can find her shop on Etsy @

I've also started Coffee Crazy by Lizzie Kate. I got the pattern from 123 Stitch - Lizzie Kate Coffee Crazy

I'll be stitching all 3 patterns on one piece to go with my StoneStreet Stitchworks Coffee Corner mugs.
I'm modifying 1 of the 3 patterns .I hand dyed the  14 count cloth napkin with a coffee/tea dye solution. I've planned on mounting it to stretcher bars when I am finished.

 That's all for now until next time....

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin' needles

Sunday, December 23, 2018


My Christmas wish is that I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday with family and friends!
Oh and sneak a little stitching in here and there....xxxxx

 Been working on Stockings and a small cardinal ornament that I modified from a pattern called Cardinal Ribbon from Better Homes and Gardens " A Cross Stitch Christmas" ©1996
Picture from the Book and partially stitched ornament ^
Also getting another Better Homes and Garden book. It's in the mail to me now.
 A Cross Stitch Christmas - A Season for Stitching ©2002
Kind of thinking of collecting these but not quite sure yet as I have several...ok ok tons of patterns still needing to be stitched but I can't resist something with Cardinals  and Santa in it. ;)

This is one of a few I have planned on stitching this year and into next year. Goal is to have more Cardinals on my Christmas Tree next year.

Stocking #3 Christmas Eve progress- working on this one this week.

Stocking #1 Winter Wildlife Christmas.

Stocking #2 A Celtic Christmas. 1 more large
band to finish

Also working on a pattern from StitchX Cross Stitch Designs. you can find the shop at StitchX Cross Stitch Designs - Craftsy

One last thing to show is a small haul from  my birthday 12-16-2018

My Sister-In-Law has for the past few years sent me a Amazon Gift card for my Birthday, This year I found a medium size cross stitch chart that will work with all my Christmas decorations among others that I am working on.
This one I am planning on stitching  on 18 count Aida -color is Oatmeal. The size on 18 ct. is 13 3/4 inches wide x 4 inches high.
If you stitch this on the called for 28 ct. 2over2 it would be 17 3/4"w x 5" h
There's also "Spring in the Village" book 415 , "Summer in the Village"book 416 and "Autumn in the Village"book 417

 Stoney Creek Collection Book 418  Winter in the Village.

 This pattern can be found on Amazon and several other sites like -
 Stoney Creek Collections
Joann online store
To name a few. 

Happy Stitching and May you have smokin'