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Lesley Teare's 2017 Teddy Bear SAL

 Hello my stitching friends. I would like to show you a cute little SAL that Lesley Teare has going on.
I have not stitched these yet but if someone would like to I believe I can join you, one more in my rotation of 3 wouldn't hurt.

 Lesley Teare has  kindly offered free Teddy Bear Charts for a SAL. Information found * New Year Teddy Bear

There is also a closed group on Facebook if anyone is on there and interested. - Facebook Group Lesley Teare Teddy Bear SAL

She also has a border for those who would like to stitch them all on 1 piece of material. Or you can stitch them individually. I'll put a link up each time one is released.
 Happy Stitchin' and may you have smokin' needles!

1. Border - Complete chart for the teddy sal border
2. Jan. Link located above. *
3. February - LJT Teddy February 2017
4. March - March Teddy Bear
5. April - April Teddy Bear
6. May - May Teddy Bear
7. June - June Teddy Bear
8. July - July Teddy Bear
9. August - August Teddy Bear

Sorry for the delay - Things have been real busy at work and new owners took over today. I hope you enjoy the Teddy Bears so far

The Teddy Bear SAL is halfway thru and Miss Lesley Teare has kindly put up a chart for the first 6 all together. You can find it complete teddy chart up to June 2017


  1. Thanks, Christie, Always good to find a nice SAL!

    1. You're welcome. I might be able to add these and stitch them as ornaments for my tree. My plan this year is to fill up a 6 foot Christmas Tree.

  2. Such a sweet little SAL! Thanks so much for sharing Christie!!:)

    1. You're welcome. I have officially put them into my rotation. :)


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