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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rotation/Plans in Cross stitching

Hello there my sweet stitching sisters! I hope this finds you well. I wanted to give a shout out to +Khristine Doiron  for introducing me to working on my projects in a rotation. I called on my stitching community for help last year because I was overwhelmed. I kept starting projects because it was a "Oh I like that! Must stitch it"  thing with me and I have had as much as 20 WIPs at once. I know it may not seem like a lot to others but I got overwhelmed big time. What started me was I had seen so many other stitchers  stitching ornaments for their Christmas Trees and I want to do that as well  because I really didn't have any and  I had so many projects started I wasn't sure I would accomplish it. But with advice I resolved and scolded myself and started doing projects on a rotation and now I have a nice little rotation going and a few small projects done. With the help of SALs I have also managed to get 3 rather large(to me) projects completed. I have chosen a large project as my focus piece with 3 small projects. This is how I have rotated.
First up Stardust Fairy I've made more progress on this one than I have when I first started it. I had put her away to finish up a Birthday present for my mom.  Anyway this is where I had left off........
I started back on her last year.  +Bekka Stitches  is also working on this one and   she along with the other stitchers have helped tremendously in motivating me and I   in turn motivate her and the others. When I found out thru talking with her that she had this one too I wanted to bring mine back out so now we are both stitching on her in hopes of getting it done by March so that we can start a Mira for the Community  Mira March SAL we will begin on March 1st. So with out further ramblin' here is where I am today.
I have more done than this I just haven't taken a photo yet.

    Now for the smalls I have in rotation.... I am working on 12 Days of Christmas by Michaela Learner
 I have one complete - Partridge in a pear tree which you can see the picture Here

I am also working on Daffy Cat's Reindeer so far I have 4 of 9 complete and working on #5 Stocking Reindeer( far right). Progress so far....
My rotation consist of  - Every other day - Focus piece.On the other days I rotate the 2 smalls. Example - Monday Focus Piece, Tuesday Reindeer,Wednesday - Focus, Thursday- 12 Days etc. I sometimes just work on 1 small in one week along with my focus piece. The reindeer don't take as long to stitch as 12 Days. I hope that this helps those who wish to start a rotation. If you need advice or motivation please ask and ye shall receive :) There's plenty of us in the Community  ( this is a private community)(feel free to join) that can and will help you and remember no question is a silly question. Doesn't matter what it is don't be afraid to ask!
That's all for now..... Happy Stitchin' and May you have smokin' needles xxxx

Saturday, January 28, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Bunting by Michaela Learner

Hello my stitching friends. I hope this blog post finds every one well and you have smokin' needles. I wanted to talk about Michaela Learner's 12 Days of Christmas Bunting and hope that you will join me on my stitching journey.
First up you may ask " Where do I find the patterns?"  I've always liked her patterns. She has some beautiful patterns that you can find in her Etsy Shop - Charts and Stuff

Second up is the First Day of Christmas - Partridge in a Pear Tree
 I started this one around Jan. 4th - 2017 and finished it up on Jan. 10th 2017
New start - January 28th 2017. Two Turtle Doves
Happy Stitching and may Mr. Frog stay away!